Recently Netflix released an update of their app where they ditched the hamburger menu and used bottom navigation instead. However, the app doesn’t follow Google’s Material Design Guidelines in two ways. The guidelines state:

  1. Navigation through the bottom navigation bar should reset the task
  2. The back button does not navigate between bottom navigation bar views

Netflix chooses a different approach. This article will analyse in what ways they deviate from the standards.

Different tabs in Netflix App


The tabs behave differently when tapped:

  1. Home: remembers the currently active view.
  2. Search: remembers the currently active view.
  3. Downloads: visibly resets to top view.
  4. My profile: opens all…

Do you work at a large company with a big design team? Chances are they created a beautiful website / Sketch file / Zeplin page showcasing their page designs. Chances are even higher they created multiple designs and all of them are out of date to some extent.

These design documents are most often not in sync with reality. Shortcuts are made while implementing, designs get outdated, described behavior is incomplete or even incorrect. How can we fix this?

Utopia: a living design system

What if we could generate a design document based on our actual code? Integrated in our CI chain, it would always…

Jolanda Verhoef

Lead Android Developer @ Coolblue. Opinions are my own.

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