Designers experience measuring, and rating by its visual part of the portfolio is a widespread practice. But when you think about it, designers (or other creatives) work contain out of so many different layers and only one part of it is actual visuals, and in some cases, there might not even be any visual part at all.

Visible part

As people, who generally care about making word more beautiful place (I hope so) we genuinely care that our work would be appealing from a visual perspective and it is something that we continuously do. We all know that feeling when we are…

You would rarely hear the creatives saying something like “look at my latest work! I think it’s one of my best works so far”. I can confirm that I told that only once in an extended period of time and very recently after I published a very first article in my life and was absolutely proud of it. But why it is so?

Illustration by Franz Lang

We are all a little shy about our work

Displaying our work to the public (or even one person) makes us vulnerable. Most of the time it makes me nervous or even scared sometimes. At that time I start to panic, and I think that everything…

You are trying to figure out some kind of issue for days and then suddenly, at the most random moment you being punched in the face by that very idea that you were looking for all this time? You definitely know that feeling.
So yes, that is the thing that I want to talk about.

Illustration by Franz Lang

That “idea moment”

For a very long time as a designer myself I wanted to start writing small articles about creativity and for all this time I just somehow failed to do that. …

Jolanta Cariova

I am a designer, sharing my life of errors.

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