Morning Pages

Some months ago, a friend of mine posted an article about morning pages on Facebook. I have never heard about it, and since there was a nice picture to it; a dark hot coffee in a mug sitting graciously beside a pen and paper, I was impelled to open it; I pryingly wanted to know what it was all about. I curiously skimmed through the article, ran one or two Google search for some more information and found some really interesting things about it.

What the whole story is all about is to write approximately 100 words of what comes to your typing fingers first thing every morning, much more better if hand written. Just anything and no one is supposed to read it. It’s not a dairy or so, just words, preferably handwritten words, am sorry I am emphasizing the handwritten part, just ignore my bias but think through it. The authors of several articles said, it boosts creativity.

“Writing is an exploration; you start from nothing and learn as you go.” — E.l. Doctorow

Interesting, I thought. I already started doing some more marketing for the company though for charity and more creativity would be awesome, you never know if you don’t try. The next day, I indeed wrote something down. My first days were complicated as I couldn’t even think about something. Then I started to write down whatever, and I mean like when the birds sing the wake up lullaby, the blue cool sky hiding the naked rising sun, oh yes my hot coffee and whatever it was that creativity could bring.

After a while I realized it does do good things to my mind. My mind is much more awake in the morning, starting to create more ideas for my work and ideas for the marketing task I had in front of me. And not only this, I also started to write these articles. And here I am, still writing morning pages, writing articles and doing marketing for my company. Not sure, if I simply believed in the thing of morning pages or if it really helped me, either way, I am happy I started it. It’s always worth a try.