A few words about me

Hi! I’m Joël, co-founder of Paris-based Fontself and we released our 1st extension for Adobe Illustrator CC a few months ago.
We learned a lot during the process, so here is a first post that will helpfully get you to quick-start your own extension. Because you know, it’s really easy if you’re a Node.js or JavaScript developer!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in october 2015, we built an Illustrator extension called Fontself Maker to simplify the creative process of type making.

Just drag & drop your shapes to the extension to create your font!

First, some jargon terms!

CEP stands for “Common Extensibility Platform”

Joël Galeran

Co-founder @Fontself - Make your own fonts! ⚡️https://www.fontself.com⚡️

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