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Jolie A. Doggett
former senior platform editor @ZORAmag | book lover | fangirl | Black woman | Terp


Hi there! We’ve been creating writing prompts for almost three months and it’s been such a joy to read all of your insightful and inspiring work. Looking back over everything you all have written, I’m reminded of why we started Write Here in the first place: To help give you a creative spark and to see where you take it.

And now I want to share a tip with you all that I hope will continue to stoke that creative spark: Remember why you started! Why are you writing? To express yourself? To teach others about something you’ve experienced? To…


Put a little love in your heart and on the page (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Hi there, writers. In the last few Write Here prompts, I asked you all to write about what would make you happy and how you can be kinder to yourselves. And I’m loving reading your essays and letters to yourselves about learning to be okay with just being you.

Thank you for using Write Here to express yourselves. I gathered some of my favorite reads about happiness, kindness and becoming more comfortable with yourselves. Check them out below.

Why I Love You The Most

“Thank you for remembering that success is not linear. Thank you for learning to finally love yourself for all that you are…


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(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Hey writers! Time for my weekly roundup of my favorite stories that came from Write Here prompts. For the last few weeks, you all have used the prompts to be honest about yourselves and your life experiences. That vulnerability and authenticity is what will continue to set your writing apart.

Get into these awesome stories and keep writing your own (with the tag “Writehere” of course!) and you may be featured!

I Would Be So Happy If I Were Young Again

“I would be so happy if I were young again,/I’d learn to be a great self./Before everything, anything.” –– Andawn F.

Stop Trying to Convince Me I Need to Be Happy All the Time

“When authors of the Declaration of Independence wrote…


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Hey y’all! Wanted to take a minute this Write Here Wednesday to say thank you! I really enjoy reading your work because it makes me so excited that you all are finding inspiration from the writing prompts every week. But more than that, I’ve been learning so much from your experiences and advice. I’ve gotten as much out of these essays as I hope you all have gotten out of writing them.

Just wanted to show y’all some sincere love. I’m glad you’re here. Show some love for your fellow writers below.

Do You Have A Jerk in Your Head That Won’t Shut Up

“[I]f accept that you don’t know what you…


Hi writers! If you’re hoping to get your Write Here stories in front of more eyes, I have one tip for you:


Tagging your stories “Writehere” has helped me and other editors and writers find and promote your work. Adding more relevant tags to your stories will help the right readers find your words. If you write about marriage or first loves, try tagging your story: “Relationships” or “Love.” If you’re writing about a celebrity, tag that celebrity. …


Writer’s block won’t stop us! (Photo credit: Getty Images)

It’s come to my attention that some of you are afraid to write. The reason I know this is because I’m sometimes afraid to write, too.

Call it writer’s block, anxiety, procrastination, or whatever, sometimes the very idea of putting pen to paper makes my hands physically shake. But the way to overcome the fear of writing is to actually start writing.

Sometimes our brains tell us that what we write isn’t good enough, that doesn’t make sense, that no one will read it or care and we won’t make any money from it anyway. But you know what, who…

Have you ever felt like words were stuck in your brain? We may be able to help. Photo: Getty Images

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What is writer’s block?

Have you ever felt creatively constipated, like words were sitting on the edge of your brain but wouldn’t come out? Do you start to panic when you put pen to paper or when you open a new Word document, feeling overly anxious about saying the right thing in the right way? Or worse, do you feel like you have nothing to say at all? Like your brain is completely empty, thoughtless, bored, and uninspired?

Then congratulations…


Hey writers! For 10 weeks we’ve been gathering Write Here (see what I did there?) to get inspired and share our thoughts and our stories. It’s been so fun coming up with new prompts every week and seeing how your writing can flourish from just one sentence.

To help keep this creative and fun, I wanted to share a bit of advice:

Don’t think too hard.

These prompts are meant to light a creative spark in your mind and I say just go with it! No need to try too hard to create the world’s best essay. …

Jolie A. Doggett

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