Time for a Mental Spring Clean!

Happy Spring everyone, sunshine, rain snow!

It’s another crazy spring day here in the UK — cold but brilliant sunshine — but does it feel time to shake things up a bit wherever you are?

Well it’s that punctuated time of year again and I think almost more so than January, we feel the need to freshen up our minds and lives and get ready for Summer.

It’s funny why we feel this but Spring and Autumn are apparently the most popular times to re-evaluate our lives and make changes. Another coach said to me that September is the most popular time he gets new clients for help with weight loss. I guess we are programmed from childhood to consider it a new term, post Summer, and a time linked with change. For me though, Spring is also a great time to freshen up your perspectives and begin some new ideas.

It’s one of my favourite times of year at home in rural Bucks, the flora starts to bloom, the lambs are out and the world just seems to be waking up from the winter sleep in the most beautiful way.

Naturally it also feels a very good time to have a mental clear out so here are some ways I suggest to get your Spring Clean going:

1. Out with the Old — An obvious one but physically spring-cleaning is a cathartic experience and helps us mentally offload too. Our minds feel genuinely better the less clutter we have around us, and a clear out helps you clear the way both mentally and physically for new ideas and experiences.

2. Let there be light — Get outside as much as you can and expose yourself to some good old-fashioned daylight. We are still in slight Winter-staying-in mode and unless you have a dog you may need a little jostling out the door, but it will be worth it once those rays hit you.

Professor Michael Holick, of Boston University School of Medicine and author of The UV Advantage, says:

“We get about 90 to 95 per cent of our vitamin D from the sun”

He advises we all go out in the sun without sunblock for between five and 15 minutes a day, at least three times a week in spring and summer, to boost our vitamin D levels.

Extra sunlight acts to lower our levels of melatonin too, which regulates our sleep, and smaller levels of this hormone will give us more energy and get up and go.

3. Get Moving –With more daylight and sunshine it’s easier to spend time outside. Being outdoors enjoying nature can also improve health by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. It’s also been shown that exercising outdoors creates more endorphins in the body than exercising indoors. It’s a great time to start walking more or cycling to places to incorporate exercise into your daily routines and if you’re a London commuter, you can use one of these maps to walk between stations!

4. Lighten the load– sleeping late because it’s cold or dark or staying in for the same reasons are no longer a valid excuse to hole up. Spring and Summer are all about feeling lighter….in your mind and soul.

In winter we tend to wrap up warm, feed ourselves and hibernate just like some animals do. Similarly when Spring comes we need to get up and get out and lighten ourselves by socialising and engaging, eating well, and allowing the dark heavy thoughts that often come with winter to drift away….. because when your mood is lighter anything is possible!

5. Do Something Nice! –Doing something nice for someone is one of the best feelings you can have. When you help others you are also nourishing yourself.

It’s also important to do something nice for you and notice the benefits.

Give gratitude for the things in your life and give to others and yourself, it’s a powerful and positive thing to do.

So in summary, enjoy the sun while you can — you know the British weather, we could have hail next week!

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