Powered by blockchain technology, you own your data and get paid for your contributions…………….


Indorse’ is a revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking. Unlike traditional platforms, we aim to give back ownership of the data to the member, and t​ o reward them for sharing their skills and using the platform.Through participation in the platform, members are able to earn Indorse Rewards for sharing more about themselves and for indorsing the claims of others. Advertisers in turn purchase space on the platform with cryptographic Indorse Tokens (IND tokens)​ . A portion of these IND tokens are shared with the members who created the content. In a nutshell, members are finally able to receive rewards due to their data, instead of watching passively as the revenue goes to companies holding their data.

So if you’re a freelance writer who happens to love mountain climbing, you post that you have just conquered Mt. Everest and you add links to your supporting materials like photos and videos (this is very important because these will be checked by your endorsers). Then someone who is a part of your network endorses your skill using an anonymous endorsement protocol, which uses zero knowledge proofs and a randomized data source provided by Oraclize. Invalid claims are flagged and your score will also be reduced. One of your reputation barometer is also by verifying and curating claims that are posted by other members of the community. You may put as many skill since there is no limit in the skills endorsement on the new platform called pre-alpha platform.

After a consensus of endorsement of your claim, this is how your reputation increases and you and that someone who endorses you will be rewarded an Indorse buck. These indorse bucks are later converted to Indorse tokens that you can trade. These tokens can be used to purchase advertising on the platform or any other services that the platform offers. Another good news on this is that you still get to own your data unlike the other platforms which does otherwise while they’re earning from your data.

Indorse currently has an ongoing token sale until September 7, 2017. To participate the token sale you need a wallet service or an application where you and you only hold the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens.

If you wanna know more about the project, check out its whitepaper for its detailed information and joined the token sale before it ends.



Indorse Token Sale starts from August 8th, 2017, 12PM UTC!

Here are some important details:

Token Sale Start: From Aug 8th, 2017–12 PM UTC

Token Sale End: Sept 7th, 2017–12 PM UTC or once the hard cap is reached.

Token Name: IND

Utility of token:

Exchangeable against the services that the Indorse platform will offer

Total Tokens:

155,997,300 (Excluding inflation tokens)

170,622,047 (Including inflation tokens)

Total Tokens Sold in Pre-Sale & Private Placements: 22,995,270

Tokens to be sold in Token Sale on Aug 8th:

31,603,785 (Includes allocation to ICOAge)*

Coins accepted: ETH

Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 IND

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH

Sale Contract Cap:

30,603,785 (excluding ICOAge Allocation)*

*ICOAge is working with us for the Token Sale in China to sell tokens to the Chinese market. 1,000,000 tokens are reserved for ICOAge. (edited- raised to 10244 eth)

Smart Contract official ENS Address:


Please check out this message regarding indorse.eth address from David, our CEO:

Note: The smart contract will be activated on Aug 8th, 12 PM UTC. Do not send any ETH before. It will be rejected by the contract and you’ll lose the gas fees.

Please do not trust any other address. It’s a scam.

Compatible Wallets:

1. MyEtherWallet (no download needed)

- There have been many phishing attempts with fake MyEtherWallet sites-always check that you are on the verified site!

- It’s best to use MyEtherWallet as you need to send ETH to indorse.eth, the ENS address of Indorse. We’ll never post or share the address in 0x123…..890 format.

2. IMToken (Android)

3. IMToken (iphone)

Read more:

Minimum contribution:

0.05 ETH

Maximum contribution:

1,000 ETH

Any transaction which puts your account over 1,000 ETH will be rejected and you will lose your gas. e.g. 100+800+100 is ok, 100+800+200, last 200 will be rejected and you will lose your gas.

Gas Limit:

Your wallet should give you the proper estimate of gas once the contract is active, but if you are familiar with this function, you can increase it to 250,000.

Maximum gas fee accepted:

500,000 (50 gwei)

If you use a higher fee than allowed the transaction will be rejected and you will lose your gas.


Official Website:


BitcoinTalk Link:;u=1060786