These are my old slides. The feed back on them stated that the designs didn’t have dark enough lines and needed to pop. I got positive feedback on my font and they liked the back pack cute clip art detail, but suggested I add more color to both slides. So I did, and these are my new slides:

My video is posted here:

Above is my story boarding for the whole video. I went by the seat of my pants and just tried to do my best. I’ve never made a video before and a lot of things went wrong. it was too big to import so I had to take a video of my video, which I understand is not ideal but it was the best I could do.


November 30th- look at slides, try updating, ask for feedback

December 1st- finalize slides, download video editing equipment

December 2nd- make video

December 3rd- finish editing video

december 4th- finish up blog