Lacking a Wikipedia entry, I have prepared the following IAQ [Infrequently Asked Questions], having a fondness for the Q & A format.

If the pictures below are blurry, please refresh until they’re sharp, else my life will be without meaning. Unless that’s Medium’s way of telling me I need better glasses.

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Example of blurry.* I have others.

Who are you?
I’m a mouth-breathing American who came to Britain in the 90s, and never went back. My web empire consists of prettygoodbritain.com, which includes a blog; a blog that looks like a forum, which has received planning permission to be both; an old forum converted into a blog but long since retired; a website about cycling, also retired, but still around (with its own FAQ); a twitter account with many millions of nonfollowers; and a Facebook account to keep me plugged into the matrix. Contrary to great expectations, I’m not on Instagram.**

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It’s possible I’m a surrealist. Anything’s possible. I mostly try to keep a straight face against nearly impossible odds.

I have also prepared this introduction, with more links.

Always more links.


What bikes do you ride?
My main one is an Enigma Esprit, custom built to be not quite an Esprit. This is my dream bike except when I open my eyes it’s still there. It is the last expensive bike I will ever own. I discuss it here, along with the rest of my small stable.

What type of cyclist are you?
Type ‘Z’. For the record, I typically let motorists know I’m unhappy by giving their rearview mirror a sad shake no: “Bad motorist!”

We’ve heard you have a rabbit who lives in the house with you and your wife. Is this true?

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Yes. Yes it is.

There’s a rumour that you’re social media misfit. Can this possibly be?
Possibly. But I really enjoy meeting interesting people online. Offline too, when I go there.

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*The case of the eternal blur. I haven’t actually read all that, but damn if I’m not going to link to it.

**Unless you count a dormant account.

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