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IIT JAM is one of the most popular exam among the students of Bachelors who want to do their master degree program at IITs & IIS. Indian Institute of technology — Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. is basically a entrance test to check the eligibility of the candidate to peruse their masters’ degree at Various IITs, IIS and NITs and commonly abbreviated as IIT JAM.

IIT JAM exam is conducted in 7 popular subjects which are given below:

· Physics

· Chemistry

· Mathematics

· Mathematical Stats

· Biological Science

· Biotechnology

· Geology

IIT JAM Geology

Here we are more focus on the IIT JAM Geology Preparation. Around 1000- 1500 students apply for the IIT JAM exam and only top rankers and less students who have good ranks would be able to get IITs but yes, we cannot deny, it is good branch and has bright career scopes. The career scopes of IIT JAM M.Sc. students, we will discuss it later in the blog.

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The Important topic as per the IIT JAM Geology Syllabus are:

· The Planet Earth

· Geo morphology

· Structural Geology

· Paleontology

· Stratigraphy

· Mineralogy

· Petrology

· Economic Geology

· Applied Geology

Books to Prepare for IIT JAM Geology exam:

Physical Geology Books

· Physical Geology by Moscow

· An Introduction to Physical Geology given by Miller

· Basic concepts of Physical Geology by Spencer,E.V

· Physical Geology by Don Leet, & Sheldon Judson

· Physics and Geology by Jacobs, J.A R.D.Russel, and J.T.Wilson

· Planet Earth, Cosmology, Geology and the Evolution of Life and Environment by Emiliani

· Principles of Physical Geology by Holme

· Principles of Physical Geology by Arthur Holmes

Geo-morphology Books

· Introduction to Geo-morphology by Kale, VS and Gupta

· Principles in Geo-morphology by Thornbury

· Remote Sensing Geology by Gupta R.P

· Geo-morphology and Global Tectonics by Summerfield

· Geo-morphology: A systematic Analysis of Late Cenozoic Landforms by Bloom, A. L

Paleontology Books

· Introduction to Paleontology: Arnold

· Basic Paleontology: An introductory textbook by Benton M.J.

· The evolution of plants: Willis, K.J. & McElwain

· Invertebrate Paleontology: Moore, Lalicker and Higher

· Invertebrate Paleontology and Evolution: Clarkson, E.N.K

· Principles of Paleontology: Raup, D.M and Stanley

· Bringing fossils to life — An introduction to Paleobiologic: Prothero, D.R

Stratigraphy Books

· Geology of India by Wadia

· Geology of India and Burma by Krishnan.M.S

· Principles of Stratigraphy by Dunbar, C.S. & Rodgers.J

· Fundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of India by Ravindra Kumar

Stratigraphic principles and practice by Weller,J.M

Mineralogy Books

· An introduction to the rock forming minerals: Deer, W A, Howie, R. A. and Zussman

· Optical Mineralogy: P. F. Kerr

· The Manual of Mineral Science: Cornelis Klein and Barbara Dutrow

Petrology Books

· An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology by John D. Winter

· Igneous Petrology by Bose M.K

· Principles of metamorphic Petrology by Vernon R. H and Clarke G. L

· The interpretation of Igneous Rocks by Cox, K.G. Bel, J.D. and Pankthrust, R.J

Economic Geology Books

· Industrial minerals and rocks of India by Deb

· Ore deposits of India their distribution and processing by Gokhale, K.V.G.K. and Rao

· Economic Mineral Deposits by Bateman, A.M. and Jensen, M.L

· The Geology of Ore deposits by Guilbert, J.M. and Park Jr., C.F

Applied Geology Books

· Groundwater Management: K.R.Karanth

· Ground water: H.M.Ragunath

· Hydrogeology of India: Dr.B.D.Patak

· Hydrogeology: Davies and De Weist

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Preparation tips to crack IIT JAM Geology Exam:

IIT JAM Syllabus:

Go through the complete syllabus and find the important and weak areas where you need to work hard.

Exam Pattern & Duration:

check out all the details for exam like exam pattern and time duration of the exam so that you can make your strategy for the speed of solving the question.

Marking Scheme:

You should know the marking scheme of the exam and negative marking as per the section.

Make a list of subjects:

Make a list of the subjects and prioritize them as per the question asked in the exam.

Dedicate studies for hours:

Study hard and study daily for 10–12 hours, use good books for studies and for practice take help of sample papers and previous year question papers.

Analyze your preparation:

check your preparation using mock test and online test series so that you can analyze your speed of solving question as well.

Best career options available after IIT JAM M.Sc. in Geology:

The candidate can become the following:

· Geologists

· Oceanographers

· Geographers

· Meteorologist

· Paleontology

· Environmental Education

· Field study

· Research

· Hydrogeologists

· Volcanologists

· Glacial or Quaternary Geologists

· Structural Geologists

· Petroleum Geologists

There are many more career option available with the M.Sc. in Geology candidates to make their career in the fields they are interested.

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Hope this blog will help you in knowing the best books and preparation tips with the best career scopes available for the M.Sc. students.

Best of Luck😊