How to score well in IIT JAM Physics? Get Complete Study Guidance

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Jun 29, 2017 · 4 min read

Physics is the most popular stream among the other branches in M.Sc. and favorite of the students too. Physics is a branch of science deals with the study of objects and its motion with respect to space and time. There are many more field to which physics deals with but here we are focused on “how to prepare for IIT JAM Physics” exam to get admitted for master degree Programs at various IITs & IIS.

IIT JAM Physics Preparation Guide

The IIT JAM Physics has following main topics:

· Mathematical Methods

· Mechanics and General Properties of Matter:

· Oscillations, Waves and Optics

· Electricity and Magnetism

· Kinetic theory, Thermodynamics

· Modern Physics

· Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics

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Books suggested for the IIT JAM Physics topics wise are:

1. Mathematical Methods
1. Mathematical Methods in The Physical Sciences: Mary L Boas
2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Erwin Kreyszig
3. Vector Analysis: Schaum’s Series: Murray R Spiegel
4. Mathematical Physics: H.K. Dass
5. Mathematical Methods for Physics & Engineering: Riley, Hobso & Bence

2. Mechanics & General Properties of Matter
1. Classical Mechanics: J.C. Upadhyaya
2. An Introduction to Mechanics: Kleppner and Kolenkow
3. Classical Mechanics & General Properties of matter: A.B. Gupta
4. Classical Mechanics: Herbert Goldstein

3. Oscillations, Wave and Optics
1. Waves and Oscillations by Brij Lal & N Subrahmanyam
2. Waves and Oscillations by N.K. Bajaj
3. Optics by Eugune Hecht, A. R. Ganesan

4. Electricity and Magnetism
1. Electricity & Magnetism: B.Ghosh
2. Introduction to Electrodynamics: David J. Griffiths

5. Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics
1. Thermodynamics by Garg, Bansal & Ghosh
2. Heat & Thermodynamics: H.P. Roy & A.B. Gupta
3. Funda-mentals of Statistical Mechanics & Thermal Physics by F. Reif

6. Modern Physics
1. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: David J. Griffiths
2. Nuclear Physics: D.C. Tayal
3. Quantum Physics: H.C. Verma

7. Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics
1. Solid State Physics: Puri & Babbar
2. Electronics: B. Ghosh
3. Solid State Physics: S.O. Pillai
4. Digital Fundamentals: Floyd

The steps to prepare for IIT JAM Physics are:

1. Know complete IIT JAM Physics Syllabus and Pattern:

The very first step is to know the complete IIT JAM Physics syllabus & pattern of the exam for the best preparation.

You should take out the 2–3 prints for the syllabus, put them into your preparation books and material and cover the topic given in the syllabus line wise.

Be aware of the exam pattern for the exam it is given in the following.

exam pattern

Check IIT JAM Physics syllabus here: IIT JAM Syllabus

2. You should be Aware of Marking Scheme:

In the section A, all the incorrect marks will be result in negative marks and the scheme is as follow:

· 1 mark question — 1/3 marks are deducted for wrong answer.

· 2 marks question — 2/3 marks are deducted for every wrong answer.

In section B, there is no negative marking scheme.

In the section C, again there is no negative marking as there are only NAT questions.

All the questions which will be not attempted are given zero marks.

3. Study well for the IIT JAM Physics exam:

· Make a time table for the exam, the important books are already mention. Study well for the exam with the help of books and study material.

· Find out the important topics for the exam perspective and prepare it well.

· You should also focus on your weak areas the most.

4. Practice more and more:

· Practicing & revising the topics is a key for the success for any exam.

· For practice take help of previous year question papers and sample papers.

· A quick revision is required, revise your portion once a day.

Check the IIT JAM Exam Reviews by Experts here : IIT JAM Expert reviews[Complete Paper Analysis]

1. Analyze your Preparation:

· You can check your preparation by taking mock test available in various sites.

· It will help you in analyzing your speed for solving question.

Hope this blog will help you in preparing for the IIT JAM physics exam.

Best of luck!

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