IIT JAM 2018 Reference Books for All Subjects

When we are preparing for the high-level exam like IIIT JAM and when we are ready with all the details and the syllabus, then very first question hits in your mind is “Which books should I prefer?

seriously mind stocking question….

Well I can say I have an answer for the above question and I can tell you the secretes of books.

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A book is gift you can open it again and again and as you know great books helps you understand, and they help you feel understood so books are essential part of the student’s life to read and practice and at last to make a career.

Here are the books for your IIT JAM preparation

IIT JAM Books for Physics:

Books of Mathematical methods:

· Mathematical Methods by Paul Goldbarts

· Mathematical Physics by Riley, Hobson and Bence /Arfken Weber

· Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. Boas

· Mathematical Physics: H.K. Dass

Books of Mechanics and General Properties of Matter:

· An Introduction to Mechanics by Daniel Kleppner, Robert Kolenkow

· Quantum Mechanics — By Zetili / Griffith / Schaums Series

· Classical Mechanics — By Goldstein / J. R. Taylor / David Morin

· Mechanics by Keith R. Symon

· Mechanics & General Properties of Matter by Chakrabarti

Books of Oscillations, Waves and Optics:

· Optics by Ghatak , Brijlal and Subhramanyam

· Fundamentals of Waves & Oscillations by K. Uno Ingard

· The Physics of Waves and Oscillations by N.K. Bajaj

Books of Electricity and Magnetism:

· Electricity and Magnetism by James Clerk Maxwell

· Introduction of Electrodynamics by David J.Griffiths

· Electricity and Magnetism by J.H.Fewkes & John Yarwood

· Electricity and Magnetism by Edward M. Purcell

Books of Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory:

· Kinetic theory, Thermodynamics by Stephen and Katherine Blundell

· Kinetics Theory & Thermodynamic by Gupta Roy & Lokanathan

· Kinetic Theory and Irreversible Thermodynamics by Byung Chan

· Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Gases by D John

· Thermodynamics by Zeemansky / F. W. Sears and G. L. Salinger

Books of Modern Physics:

· Modern Physics by B L Theraja

· Modern Physics by Arthur Beisar

· Modern Physics by Kenneth S. Krane

· Modern Physics by G Aruldhas, P Rajagopal

Books of Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics:

· Solid State Electronic Devices by Ben G Streetman, Sanjay Kumar Banerjee

· Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics by K. Vijaya Kumar & T. Sreekanth

IIT JAM Books for Chemistry:

Books of Analytical Chemistry:

· Analytical Chemistry Theory and Practice by U.N. Dash

· Chemical Analysis: An Instrumental Approach by A.K. Srivastava, P.C. Jain

· Analytical Chemistry Quantitative Inorganic Analysis by A. I. Vogel

· Analytical Chemistry by R. Gopalan

· Analytic Chemistry an Introduction by D.A. Skoog, D.M. West and F.J. Holler, S.R. Crouch

· Quantitative Analysis by R.A. Day Jr. A.L. Underwood

Books of Physical Chemistry:

· Physical Chemistry by K. J. Laidler and J. M. Meiser

· Theory of Gases Physical Chemistry by Peter W. Atkins

· Physical Chemistry by Levine

· University General Chemistry by C.N. R Rao

· Chemical and Phase Equilibria: Principals of Chemical Equilibrium & Phase Rule by K.G. Denbigh

Books of Inorganic Chemistry:

· Concepts and models in Inorganic Chemistry by B.Douglas, D.Me Daniel, John Alexander

· Main Group Elements (s and p blocks) Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee

· Inorganic Chemistry by A. G. Sharpe

· Instrumental Method of Analysis Instrumental method by Skoog, Holler & Crouch

· Concepts and models in Inorganic Chemistry by B.Douglas, D.Me Daniel, John Alexander

Books of Organic Chemistry:

· Organic Chemistry — Structure and Reactivity by Seyhan N. Ege

· Qualitative organic Analysis Introduction to Spectroscopy by Pavia, Lampman, Kriz, Vyvyan

· Organic Spectroscopy — William Kemp

· Chemistry of Organic Natural Products — O.P. Agarwal

· Organic Chemistry by R. T. Morrison and R. N. Boyd

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IIT JAM Books for Mathematics:

Books of Algebra:

· Elementary Linear Algebra by Chatles W.Curtis

· Linear Algebra for IIT JAM Mathematics by Samveda publication

· Elementary Linear Algebra by H.Anton

· Fundamental structure in Modern Algebra by R.S. Mishra and N.N.Bhattacharya

Books of Calculus:

· Integral Calculus by Gorakh Prasad

· Calculus by H. Anton, I. Bivens and S. Davis

· A text –Book of Vector Calculus by Shanti Narayan

· Calculus by M. J. Strauss, G. L. Bradley and K. J. Smith

Books of Real Analysis:

· Introduction to Real Analysis by R. G. Bartle and D. R. Sherbert

· Real Analysis by H.L. Royden

· Mathematical Analysis by Apostol T.M

· A course of Mathematical Analysis by Shanti Narayan

· Fundamentals of Real Analysis by V.K Krishnan

Books of Differential Equations:

· Differential Equations by G.F.Simmons

· Partial differential equations — methods and applications by Mcowan R.C

· Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Sastri S.S

· Differential equations and the calculus of variations by Yankosky

Books of Group Theory:

· Group Theory by Sudesh Kumar Shah

Books for Vector Analysis:

· Vector Analysis by Schaum’s Outlines Series

IIT JAM Books for Biological Science:

· Developmental Biology — Scott F. Gilbert, Susan R. Singer

· Molecular Biology of Cell — Bruce Alberts

· Cell and Molecular Biology — E.D.P. De Robertis and E.M.F. De Robertis Jr. & Febiger

· Lehniger Principles of Biochemistry — David L. Nelson

· Lehniger Principles of Biochemistry — Michael M.Cox

· Biochemistry — Jeremy M.Berg, Lubert Stryer, John L. Tymoczko

· Principles of Genetics — Gardner, Simmons, Snustad

· Cell and Molecular Biology (concepts & experiments) by Gerald Karp, John Wiley & Sons

· Microbiology — Lansing Prescott, John P. Harley, Donald Klein

· Microbiology by Prescott & Harley, Madigan & Martinko

· Life Sciences — Fundamental and Practice by Pranav Kumar, Usha Mina

· General Biology by Campbell

· Essential of Physiology by Lauralee Sherwood

IIT JAM Books for Geology:

Books of Physical Geology

· Physical geology — Mukherjee

· Geodynamic Evolution of India — K S Valdiya

· An Introduction to Physical Geology by Miller

· Physical Geology by Moscow

· Principles of Physical Geology by Arthur Holmes

Books of Geomorphology:

· Principles in Geo-morphology by Thornbury

· Remote Sensing Geology by Gupta R.P

· Geomorphology and Global Tectonics by Summerfield

· Geomorphology: A systematic Analysis of Late Cenozoic Landforms by Bloom, A.L

Books of Paleontology:

· Paleoecology Ecosystems, Environments and Evolution by Brenchley, P. J., and Harper, D. A. T

· Basic Paleontology An introductory text by Benton, M

· Introduction to Paleontology by Arnold

· Invertebrate Paleontology by Remer

Books on Stratigraphy:

· Stratigraphic Geology, Principles of Stratigraphy by Gignox, Grabau.A.W

· Stratigraphic principles and practice by Weller,J.M

· Fundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of India by Ravindra Kumar

· Principles of Stratigraphy by Dunbar, C.S. & Rodgers.J

Books of Mineralogy:

· Optical Mineralogy by P. F. Kerr

· An introduction to the rock forming minerals by Deer, W A, Howie, R. A. and Zussman

Books of Petrology:

· An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology by John D. Winter

· Petrology: The study of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks by 2. Loren A. Raymond

· An introduction to metamorphic petrology by Yardley

Books of Economic Geology:

· Industrial minerals and rocks of India by Deb

· Ore deposits of India their distribution and processing by Gokhale, K.V.G.K. and Rao

· Economic Mineral Deposits by Bateman, A.M. and Jensen, M.L

Books of Applied Geology:

· Hydrogeology of India by Dr.B.D.Patak

· Groundwater Management, K.R.Karanth

· Ground water by H.M.Ragunath

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I tried to put all the books together for your IIT JAM preparation hope it would help you in your exam preparation.

Best of Luck!