My Favorite Youtube Channel Got Cancelled. Here’s Why.

Image from Project Iceman
  • Yes Theory had a US $1.25 million deal lined up to produce a documentary titled ‘Project Iceman’ featuring the first-ever long-distance triathlon in Antarctica from an undisclosed major streaming service
  • However, Yes Theory turned down the offer as it did not give them full autonomy over the creative direction of the documentary
  • They decided to make use of NFTs as a form of ‘crowd-funding’ which would allow them to continue with production, retain control over the creative direction and also involve their community in the process
  • On 18 Apr 2022, Yes Theory posted a video which ended off with the announcement of their NFT launch. They also posted a follow-up video justifying their reasons for launching NFTs on their secondary channel.
  • The launch had a supply of 10,000 of “The World’s Coldest Movie Tickets”, with 5000 available to mint as an NFT and the remaining 5,000 sold as regular tickets priced at $50 per piece.



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Joseph Low

Joseph Low

I write once a week on design, product and web3 | Podcast Host @ The Alternative Hustle | Blockchain Engineer@ Genesis Block | Design & AI @ SUTD