I think one of the most important things about a build tool was left out of this article: How to…

Good point. I was going to discuss that in a follow-up blog post. I think the question is most relevant to Windows. GNU Make is included by default I believe in Mac OSX (not sure about Linux). Installing latest GNU Make on Mac OSX is as simple as brew install make and I think apt-get install make or other project manager (depending on distro). Windows sadly is more involved depending on the version you are using :(. This is usually a one-time machine level task too depending on what other projects you build.

I think your statement is a bit misleading for gulp or grunt though. Because when you are first building your build process with them, you also need to install all the necessary dependencies your build process needs (or create your own if a tool isn’t already wrapped by the community). Each one of those dependencies is a vector for your build process to get broken by changes not done by yourself.

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