Songs to Power Your Summer of Resistance

This summer is huge for Jolt and for all Latinxs in Texas. We’re organizing our community to fight back against SB4 and Trump’s repressive immigration enforcement measures, and we’re working hard to lift the voices of Latinxs and POC all over the U.S. in the face of intense discrimination and structural racism.

Our activism doesn’t just happen in the political sphere, though: it’s also about celebrating artistic and cultural expression. To stay motivated we need music that’ll get us fired up, so the Jolt team has put together a playlist of our favorite resistance songs.

Take a listen, and let these awesome resistance anthems inspire you to join us in the fight! Click here for the YouTube playlist.

People Have the Power by Patti Smith

“Patti Smith is an icon and an inspiration in terms of making music an act of resistance, and this song is a classic protest anthem. Smith’s powerful, piercing voice gets me every time, and the lyrics are awesome: ‘People have the power/ The power to dream, to rule/ To wrestle the earth from fools.’” — Cristina Tzintzún, Director

Clandestino by Manu Chau

“This song tells the story of countless undocumented immigrants who come to the U.S. In 1025, Manu Chao went to Arizona to witness the human rights crisis facing migrants there and gave a free Alto Arizona’ concert.” — Tania Mejía, Communications Director

Ice el Hielo by La Santa Cecilia

“As an undocumented immigrant, all of the themes of this songs are too real. The hard-working parents, the children left behind and all because you choose to give a better life for your family. ” — Liliana Mendoza, Organizer

Gimme Tha Power by Molotov

“This song speaks out against corruption and injustice in the government and calls for the power to be returned to the people.” — Mona Ramirez, Administrative Assistant

World Town by MIA

“M.I.A. ties the whole world together and gets me fired up!” — Nick Yeager, Organizing Intern (Austin)

Fire by Rapsody ft. Moonchild

“Rapsody released this song in the wake of Trump’s election. It’s filled with rage at the violent racism that permeates this country, and it also serves as a call to action. I love that she samples the ‘losing our minds’ refrain from a Gil Scott-Heron song: she calls on his revolutionary fire and brings it to the modern day.” — Julia Shumlin, Communications Intern (Austin)

16 Shots by Vic Mensa

“This is a powerful protest song: it says so much about police brutality in the U.S.” — Melissa Mejía, Organizing Intern (Dallas)

El Mojado by Ricardo Arjona & Intocable

“This song is a very special one for me because it was released the summer that my family and I moved to the U.S. Although my experience as an immigrant is very different from what the song tells, I could still feel myself represented in the struggles of being undocumented and leaving your home country behind for a better future.” — Daniela Rojas, Organizing Intern (Austin)

Work by Bob Marley and the Wailers

“The whole Uprising album speaks out against injustice and concentrated power, and this song is particularly inspiring.” — Spencer Christian, Communications Intern (Austin)

La Cumbia 32 by El Colectivo Emergente de Artistas Independientes

“This Spanish cumbia song is from YoSoy132: a student movement against the Mexican government. It speaks to the power that youth and culture have on social movements.” — Manuel Ramirez, Super Volunteer

El Derecho de Vivir en Paz by Victor Jara

“My parents lived through the Cold War in Latin American, which was anything but cold. Both of them were politically active in college and some of the wokest people I’ve ever met. They loved Victor Jara and this is one song that stuck with me.” — Tania Mejía, Communications Director

Immigrant by Sade

“Something about this song just pulls at me in such a deep way… I can’t explain. The lyrics just get to the heart of the immigrant experience. ‘To even the toughest among us, that would be too much.’ You have no idea what it’s like to be foreign, or different, or not X, Y and Z until you are there.” — Liliana Mendoza, Organizer

Freedom is Free by Chicano Batman

“I love this song because it’s a positive reminder of what we all value and know to be true. I think it’s inspiring and motivates me to keep fighting for what I believe in.” — Leslie Saree, Communications Intern (Austin)

Alright by Kendrick Lamar

“Throughout the song, Kendrick repeats ‘We gon be alright’ basically emphasizing that in the end things will be ‘all right’. It is an upbeat and hopeful hip hop song that the Black Lives Matter movement uses… so I think it’s great!” — Karla Quiñones, Organizing Intern (Dallas)

They Can’t Deport Us All by Chingo Bling

“Chingo Bling speaks to everything that is happening wth immigration in Texas right now. They lyrics say it all: ‘Dear Uncle Sam in the white and green van / Why do you chase my daddy? / Why do you make him run?’” —Tania Mejia, Communications Director