Fun at Andela

Before joining Andela, I had a stereotype mind that its all just coding. Today I have experienced that apart from the programming bit, you are also engaged to grow your mindset and be better people in the future.

The first day in Andela has been great but also challenging. I have learnt that there are three phases to check out before you build your code. You must think of the input, the process and the output of the code. You must see the bigger picture before you start coding.

Meeting new friends is the best part of my life , because I am building my network since we depend on each other in our day to day lives. Also, my facilitator Alex, is very helpful since he teaches you where you cannot understand and show you as many examples as possible so that you can understand the concept. Team members are great and easy to interact and collaborate with them.

The facilitators are great and friendly, you can reach out to anyone for help. I know that no one was born knowing everything.Learning is a continuous process and I believe I can do better in the following weeks to come since am eager to learn and be challenged.

We face challenges everyday but its how we overcome them, that makes a life meaningful to us. Hope to grow in Andela and become the greatest person who can be able to help other grow also in programming or becoming a world Class Software Developer.

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