Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

I believe you answered your own question without knowing you did. In the US most non-whites feel like they are generally not accepted. They don’t belong. This is why people tend to segregate each other in a way. People tend to create little cliques, so that they can belong to something. If you think about it, and I guess this is a correction to my second sentence, most people including white people do this. Drama club. Emo kids. Goth kids. Hip-hop culture. Christians. Muslims. Gay. Lesbian. Etc. We look for something to belong to because as a nation we a a very isolated people. Nobody belongs.

In comes Puerto Rico, and in comes Puerto Ricans. “When they welcome you into their home, it’s as if they’ve known you for years. Nothing is withheld, all is yours.” There is your answer. In your own words. They’ve let you into their homes with open arms. You are Boricua. Yeah, you talk a little funny, but we are people that have spread around the world. We’re everywhere. Often, we come back a little unusual, but still Boricua. Nuyoricans are the first iteration and EVEVRYONE that was born and raised in the island has at least one Nuyorican cousin. We’re used to your goofy accent and we’ll make fun of it, but we’ll still think of you as Boricua. Maybe we keep the Puerto Rican tag for the islanders as an extra tag of pride, but Boricua we are all.

So don’t feel bad. The United States is our nation but Borinquen is our home. Ask any native Texan, they get it. Ask many jews. They feel the call to Israel. They get it.

Welcome home primo.

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