Why I Became Vegan

With many people becoming more and more conscious about their health and their diet, I would like to share my own story on how I became vegan.

It was 2PM on a Sunday evening and I just finished watching Cowspiracy in my apartment. I realized I hadn’t eaten yet, and the movie reminded me that I had steak in my fridge — so I grilled that bad boy up.

I know what you’re thinking.

He has his own apartment? How?!

Allow me to explain.

Recently, I landed an internship at [Big Tech Company] and like most large tech companies, they offer you corporate housing for the duration of your internship. Most of the time, you get a pretty sweet-ass deal and get to stay in fancy hotels or condos with maid service and what not. However, I was not so lucky. They put me into an apartment building that looked like a retirement home. The walk score was horrible, the commute to work took hours and restaurants were non-existent around the area. Worst of all, I only get maid service once a week. I couldn’t handle it, that was the last straw.

I wouldn’t be able to put up with this horrible treatment for the entire length of my internship, so I decided to email my relocation specialist and asked to be put into another corporate housing location. I got a quick response denying my intern rights to be put into a more baller housing (though they said I can get the $5,000 stipend instead), but I didn’t give up. I decided to craft a more needy and desperate email in hopes to change their minds. I also involved my manager for extra artillery.

What I wrote in my email was a long list of complaints saying that my walk score was incredibly low and public transit was not convenient and it would affect my productivity at work. And for the cherry on top, la crème de la crème, I said that I was vegan (I was not) and had a strict diet (I did not), so the current place I lived in was unfit for me because there were no easy access to a grocery store. I thought I was onto something, because you can’t discriminate against people with dietary needs.

However, because I involved my manager, he was cc’ed onto the thread of emails, and he was able to see my previous messages to the relocation specialist. So one day, my manager came into my office and said enthusiastically: “So you’re vegan eh? That’s really cool, because so am I!”. Oh… Shit. Yea… I’m vegan too.. *nervous laugh*. Worst part is, every time we would go out for team lunches, he would keep telling the rest of my team why we couldn’t go to that delicious-looking restaurant because Jonathan couldn’t eat there.

So yea, that’s why I’m vegan.

In case you’re curious, I did manage to convince the relocation specialist to relocate me to a different corporate housing location due to my extreme persistence. But once they were in the process of relocating me, I changed my mind and just took the stipend and rented out a place. Lawl.

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