I got a mail

The doorbell rang but when I opened the door there was nobody outside. I slowly came out on the street but is was completely empty.

It was something strange at this time because about 11am my neighbourhood is usually full of people and cars.

Anyway I didn’t give any importance at all. It was just a coincidence, I thought. So, I turned around to come back home when I saw a folded piece of something like a white sheet putting out from my postbox.

It didn’t seem to be a bank envelope nor a mail advertisement that was the unique stuff that I used to pick up.

When I opened tha postbox I saw a hand written envelope. It was many years I didn’t receive a personal letter… A mail instead of an email.

Perhaps young people even don’t know what a letter is. They are born in a too much technical world. Most of them rarely write by hand. They are surrounded by e-books, smart tv, smart phones, laptops, all kind of apps to do almost everything…. And all this stuff are ok. I work in IT and I love technology but we must understand that we have to keep in touch with real people.

Have you ever recieve a hand written letter?

When was the last time did it happen?

Have you ever written and send a letter? To whom?

Well, all this fiction story is just to realise that al least, from time to time we should give up technology and read a paper book with its particular smell, write a letter, talk face to face…..

I know, perhaps this is a contradiction.. I’m using technology to complain about it. You may be right, but I don’t know another mean to spread out this message.

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