The missing piece in Travel

In this time and age where technology is ubiquitous, information on traveling is becoming increasingly accessible on the internet. Trending articles circulating on Social Media recommending “Ten must-visits /must-eats …” where an increasing number of people share their travel experiences. It only shows how much the travel industry is picking up in the recent years. Yet, as a traveller. I still find it hard to organise all that information from all that pre-travel research.

I am a avid traveller and a software developer from Singapore. Living in a country where we were voted as the unhappiest workforce in Southeast Asia, it is not surprising to hear that most Singaporeans love traveling. Having one of the busiest and most accessible airport in the world, traveling becomes is fairly affordable in Singapore. Those who can afford a short getaway from reality would definitely do it in heartbeat!

If you have ever plan for a trip in another country, you would familiar with the usual drills before flying:

  • Hit some friends up
  • Transportation (flights, trains, ferry etc)
  • Find place of interests
  • Find accomodations
  • Plan a detailed schedule to fit all of the above

Sounds familiar? Well that makes up my usual routine before traveling to abroad. This is by far the most common and basic essentials while planning a trip: From purchasing cheap air tickets via Skyscanner to booking of accommodation from Airbnb. Then organize the schedules, places of interest, and important details such as accommodation address and check-in timings onto spreadsheets and word documents.

In fact, I have been doing that myself. Organising overall expenditure on spreadsheet, places of interest on a private google map and google docs. Sharing them with friends whom I am travelling with, allowing them to add and collaborate together. This works pretty well for me, until my trip to Korea last year.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Prior to the trip, we printed hard copies of the itineraries and maps we needed despite having access to internet on our mobile phones (Its a pain to refer to our documents on the move where information is segregated). All was well during the trip till the last day in Korea. I remembered that faithful day vividly, while we were trying to locate a bakery in Garosu-gil, Seoul in the midst of a downpour. Holding on to the printouts on my left hand while navigating on my phone’s google maps with my right hand. Lost in the streets, the printouts soon got so wet, I could not make out the details anymore. I thought to myself — Surely theres a better way.

Surely there’s a better way to do this

Being a software engineer by trade, I am always exploring new ideas with technology during my free time. I have had many ideas in the past but nothing stuck with me like this problem. I have downloaded and explored many existing apps available. But there is still a gap, which I think is unfulfilled. I wonder if there is anyone out there who feels the same way.

Im currently working on a new app that allows you to organise and consolidate your itinerary in one place. My aim is to make use of technology and make travel planning hassle-free and more collaborative. Organising all that information and yet making it accessible when you need it during your trip. Eventually being able to browse and Save places of interest visited by your friends, and adding it to your itinerary. And eventually even share your itinerary with your fellow friends!

To set things in the right direction, solving the problem instead of making just another ‘app’. Im collecting feedback from people who loves traveling! Want to contribute?

I would love to hear from you! Do leave your comments and share your travel planning experiences :)

Till next time.