Chapter 4, Project Integration Management

  1. According to the report in “2015 Pulse of the Profession. Capturing the Value of Project Management” by PMI, they found that some of the organization that excel in project management are capturing business value. The project is successfully completed at about 80 percent. For them to create a competitive advantage, they make the project accurate and carefully to improve their ability to execute strategy. In the survey of 2,800 global professional, only 12% of organizations were considered to be high performers and it has remained unchanged since 2012. 19% of it was in the IT industry followed by financial services with 11%. In order to improve, some organization make sure that everyone fully understand the value of project management, fully engaged the sponsors, and align their projects to the organization strategy. In my opinion, to make the project successful, we need to fully understand the value of project management, do it carefully and accurately.


Based on my financial analysis, i would not recommend to invest in this project because the value of its NPV and ROI are both negative. I think it is just a waste of time and money to invest in this project.

3. Develop an outline (major heading and subheading only) for a project management plan to create a Web Site for your class, and then dill in the details for the introduction or overview section. Assume that this Web site would include home page with links to a syllabus for the class, lecture notes or other instructional information, links to the Web site for the books that we are using in the class, links to other Web sites and all links to personal pages for each member of your class and future classmates. Also, include a bulletin board and chat room feature where students and the instructor can exchange information. Assume your instructor is the project’s sponsor, you are the project manager, your classmates are your project team and you have three months to complete the project.

1.0 Homepage

1.1 Syllabus

2.0 Lecture Notes

2.1 Books

2.2 E-books

2.3 PDF

3.0 Students

3.1 Regular

3.2 Irregular

4.0 Activities

4.1 Announced

4.2 Group Chat (GC)

4.3 Text

5.0 Back to home

4. Write a short paper based on the chapter’s opening case. Answer the following questions (Information Technology Project Management, 7e, page 140, Opening Case):

a. What do you think the real problem was in this case?

  • I think the real problem is that Nick did not understand top management’s complaints. He did not focus on managing all aspects of the project.He never provided them with accurate schedules or detailed plans of what was happening on the project.

b. Does the case present a realistic scenario? Why or why not?

  • Yes. Because it is related to project management. Because managing a project is not easy. Sometimes it may be successful, and sometimes it may be a failure.

c. Was Nick Carson a good project manager? Why or why not?

  • Nick Carson is not a good project manager because he did not focus on managing all aspects of the project. He never provided the top management with accurate schedules or detailed plans of what was happening on the project and did not understand their complaints.And instead of performing the work of a project manager, Nick had taken in the role of software integrator and troubleshooter.

d. What should top management have done to help Nick?

  • They help Nick by explaining of what a project manager should do. They help him to fully understand the value of project management.

e. What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

  • By managing the project accurately and fully understand the value of project management.
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