Goodbye AR Apps, Hello WebAR

Photo by Steve Roe on Unsplash

Friction… we saw it with the Google cardboard. The process was arduous — download the VR app you wanted to experience, start it up, slip your phone into the Google cardboard making sure that it’s right in the middle, then you strap on the headset and off you go.

People were willing to go through the process when it was a complete novelty a couple years ago, but now consumers are getting impatient and rarely would they go through the whole process more than once, especially with a cheap, sweat stained cardboard viewer!

In comes mobile augmented reality via ARCore and ARKit. It’s gaining a lot of popularity for game developers, given that the mobile game market is so saturated and that Google and Apple are dedicating large amounts of resources towards their AR development frameworks.

Developers want consumers to have a completely seamless user experience with minimal friction. In order to do this, one step that can be cut out is the need to go to the appstore and download the entire AR app.

Instead, we can expect to access a website via QR code (in China, QR codes are everywhere and they access open them via messenger app, WeChat) or directly through our browser by typing something along the lines of Then, right away, a user would be brought to the start of the experience. Users also wouldn’t have to download the whole app right away, they would download procedurally given how far into the experience they get. Furthermore, users won’t even have to worry about running out of storage in their phone!

If you’re interested in getting ahead of the game and developing WebAR and WebVR experiences, here are some resources below:

Enjoy your last bit of summer!