How Many Steps Did You Take Today?


Jasmine here.

My son walks from Paseo De Roxas Makati to our home.

According to Kuya, walking from Paseo de Roxas Makati to our home is roughly 2,000 steps.

He monitors the number of steps that he takes per day. His goal is to take 8,000 steps per day.

For Kuya, walking is his form of physical activity. He does this to prepare for a major physical event.

The Importance of Training

In Facebook, you would see some of our students who are into long distance running or marathon. There they are at the finish line, smiling, hands raised and flashing the sign of victory.

You will see Like Mike, Marlon Alvior, Milmarch Nacino and Ann Penaredondo in Facebook holding the prize for having completed a marathon or finishing a run.

Before the marathon, they took the time to TRAIN:

T — Training may come in the form of regular stretching, exercising and lifting weights for the purpose of conditioning the body.

R — Running has many health benefits. But more than the health benefits, did you know that running also benefits your soul? Running makes you happier!

A — Apps make getting fit easier. Top Apps for Walking are available for Android at Google Play and for Apple in iTunes.

I — Injury Prevention. Runners take precaution to avoid injury and avoid training errors.

N — Never Give Up. Apart from the physical training, there’s also mental training. The mindset is to welcome the challenge and push beyond your normal limit.

Training equals preparation.

As in any endeavor or project that you will do, there is a learning curve. You will read and absorb all the information that you can fit into your brain.

When Like Mike or Ann prepares for a run, they undergo several days of training. They wouldn’t just jump in to a marathon without t raining because they know very well that this may result to irreversible injury.

What if I tell you that there’s a way to avoid irreversible “injury” in your virtual career?

There is a way to avoid those fake employers and scammers who are only after your m.on.ey.

You will discover a new lifestyle where you can ea;rn more (in doll:ars) and buy things for your family — these are the things that you wished you had when you were still a child.

You can easily shortcut your learning process and avoid mistakes by learning from people who have done it ahead of you.

Ready Ka Na Ba For A Marathon Learning Session For Your Virtual Career?

How Many Steps Did You Take Today?

Let me count the steps:

3 steps — from my workspace to my super comfy bed

9 steps — from my workspace to the shower where I can indulge in long baths several times a day to feel refreshed, grateful and recharged

15 steps — from my workspace to the rooms of my sons where I can kiss them good night or make kulit everyday< br /> 
25 steps — from my workspace to our dining table where I enjoy MSG-free sinigang, inihaw, lumpiang gulay or laing. You know what’s best about this? I get to spend either lunch or dinner with my sons!

28 steps — from my workspace to our refrigerator for some cool home-made treats such as ice pops, ice cold calamansi juice, sliced fresh mangoes to keep me alert and calorie-free (op kors minsan may ice cream din!)

40 steps — from my workspace to our garage where I have daily picnics with my pamangkin and play cards. This is a soothing break for me from my online work.

45 steps — from my workspace to that space in our garage where we would be lying in a banig, just watching the blue sky. My pamangkin would always gush, “So refreshing!”

48 steps — from my workspace to our front gate where I would welcome my sons from work or school looking forward to their pasalubong (madalas hugs and kiss!)

70 steps — from my laptop to the pedicab which will take me and my pamangkin to our once a week date in Jollibee — this we can do anytime my pamangkin feels like it

I may not come close to the 8,000 steps daily but rest assured that I’m lovin’ every step I take within our home with my loved ones.

Perhaps one of these days, I would join my son in his walk from Paseo de Roxas to our home for our bonding moment.

Sure, I can do this any time or any day I want to… because I wo.rk from home!