How To Make Your FB Posters Look Like A Pro — Super Simple Tip

I’d like you to meet Tito Dolfin, one of our attendees for the Virtual Careers Summit and Seminar on May 29–30 at Ace Hotel and Suites.

Tito Dolfin is already retired and he never stops learning.

To keep his mind active, he shared his morning routine:

Today, woke up 5:15am, started leg and arms movements to prepare for a walk 1 1/2 km to the chapel for 6:15 am mass.

I stayed for an hour for adoration with the Blessed Sacrament.

Then I took some 15 minutes of deep breathing under the big trees, within the compound of the Blessed Sacrament Sisters, and exhale the pollution of the past day.

Then I started picking up “Talinum” (spinach) and some camote tops from a side street garden on my way back. I also got some over ripe santol fruit for my salad of sweet potato leaves and spinach.

Nearing our home, I got a sweet kiss from my youngest grandchild who is going to turn a year old.

After breakfast, I headed over my temporary desk modeled after “the perfect working table set up” from Jomar my guru.

Thank you and I’m getting myself trained for my freedom.

Amazing si Tito Dolfin ‘di ba?

He’s already retired and settled pero he is still getting trained via seminars.

Together with him, you will learn to manage your expectations by knowing the stages of being a Virtual Professional, from Newbie to Level Up.

A Lesson On Visual Design

Do you want to make your posters, slides, presentations, headers pop and make you look like a pro (kahit newbie) ka lang?

Use Canva!

(Internet groan: Alam Na Namin Yan!)

While using Canva for several months, there’s one feature that I miss the most — it’s the eyedropper. Ikaw ba hindi mo na-miss ito?

The eyedropper (a feature in helps you choose the right shade of color for your text to make your poster look like a pro.

So Jasmine, if it is not found in Canva, how do you do it?

Simple, I go back to

Here’s how I find the right shade (a simple non-techie tip):

  1. Open the photo in Picmonkey
  2. Click Overlay Icon (Butterfly)
  3. Choose any of the shapes (does not really matter)
  4. Click on the shape and out comes the eyedropper tool!

5. Hover the eye dropper tool over the color or shade that you want to copy

6. Copy the hex code and use this in Canva or powerpoint.

Note: There are other tools to do this. An easier way is to install Eye Dropper, which is a Chrome extension. It allows you to grab any color in the web and get the hex code.

There you have it: Try the Picmonkey Technique or the Eye Dropper Extension

Which of these 2 techniques is more comfortable for you?