Last Chance, Don’t Regret This!

Si Jasmine ito… Kuwentuhan tayo…

Last Sunday, my net was super slow, as in usad pagong.

This is terrible news for a Virtual Professional like me! Pero life has to go on, di ba?

We’ve been wanting to visit the National Museum, so this is the first place that popped into my mind. Together with my 7-year old na pamangkin and my (handsome!) son, off we went to the National Museum!

When we arrived there, there’s a BONUS!

Entrance is free for the whole month of May!

Halika, sama ka sa museum tour namin…

Regret: Is This How You Feel?

Feeling mo…

ang dami mong nasayang na pagkakataon…

ang laki na ng nagastos mo pero wala pa rin…

parang ang taas ng pangarap mo… hirap na hirap ka ng abutin sya…

You’ve taken some courses of Jomar, but you haven’t done your assignment?

(Note: Every course, Jomar has an assignment that you need to do to transform you into a highly-valuable human being… and we meticulously check your assignment!)

Is this how you feel your assignment looks like?

Parating simula ka lang sa assignment at di ka nakakatapos?

Hey, you don’t have to feel sad, kasi even si Fernando Amorsolo and Jose Rizal have so many unfinished works!

Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat para sa iyo, you can call for help…

We hear you… Help is on the way…

One set back should not stop you from pursuing your dream.

Baka what you need is a REINFORCEMENT of your learnings.

Or you need ENCOURAGEMENT from like-minded individuals (who are also newbies like you)

Baka you need a BOOST IN SPIRIT from successful Virtual Professionals

In one of the pre-event webinars, Jomar asked the participants to list down 100 reasons why they want to become a Virtual Professional and work from home. (You will get the recording of this when you join today, just click:

Drop whatever you are doing and do this now.

List down your 100 reasons…

Kristina, one of those who signed up for the event, did this and sabi nya, “Parang pare-pareho ang mga reasons ko…”

Try Mo Lang, List Down Your Reasons…

Let these masterpieces inspire you…

If you are a mom, di ba you want to be physically present and be part of your child’s growing years?

If you are an employee and you’re tired of traffic and time-sucking daily commutes, have you ever wished that you could just work from home… and earn in dollars?

If you are a mom, di ba mas masarap kung yakap mo ang baby mo, lalo na kung parati syang naglalambing?

STOP living a life of regrets.

ERASE the words “Sayang” and “Regret” from your vocabulary.

MOVE FORWARD and Attend the Virtual Careers Summit and Seminar.

Biggest Take-Away from our “museum tour” and from the webinar replays last night from Nina and Veia:

Life is about moving forward… and it can be better for you, you just have to be ready to see the opportunity.

Baka ito na yung hinihintay mong opportunity… Wag Mo Nang Palagpasin.