READ This Only if You Are A Parent

Jasmine here. I’m a single mom with a virtual career, enjoying real relationships with my 2 sons (hindi virtual!).

Parents can help their children design a better future and this is applicable even if your child is still a toddler, in elementary, in high school, in college or even if he or she is already working. Do you agree?

I’d like you to meet two young men: Tony and Ernie. They were the sons of my two good friends.

Tony is a licensed engineer.

He is 26 years old, single and has been working in an engineering firm for 1 year and 8 months now.

All his life, he followed the advise of his parents: Mag-aral kang mabuti then get a good job.

He dutifully followed the advice of his parents.

He works 8 hours a day and endures 2 hours of daily commute.

He is currently earning P 27,000 per month.

Now, let’s meet Ernie.

Ernie is the same age of Tony and took the same course.

Unlike Tony, Ernie enjoyed life with his barkada and lived a carefree life in college. He was always present in the internet café than in his classes.

When his mom learned about his ways, his mom cut his allowance.

Left with no other choice, he pac ked his things and laptop and went home to Zambales. He became a bum for a year, just doing facebook, wasting his time surfing for stuff and games in the internet.

His mom is getting tired supporting him and was worried about his son’s future.

One day, she read an email from Bro. Bo which talked about work from home. Call it mother’s instinct, she forwarded this email to her son.

His mom nagged Ernie to use his skills like typing, gaming and facebooking in w.o.r.k from home.

Fast forward today, Ernie is working part-time, only 4 hours a day with zero commute.

Ernie is earning P22,000 per month — and that’s just from one client.

Ernie has 2 more clients.

Which One Do You Like For Your Child?

I’m a parent myself and sometimes wonder, “Am I giving the right advice to my sons that will not make them dependent on me for life?”

My parents told me to study well, get good grades then work in a good company.

After reading Robert Kiyosaki, ako naman I told my sons, study well, get good grades then build your own businesses.

I have 2 sons. My eldest is building his own business but my youngest son appears to be the opposite.

What do you do…
… if your son is not inclined to do business?
… if your daughter is not gifted with an entrepreneurial mind?
… if your son is an introvert and is very mahiyain?
… if your daughter is not born an entrepreneur, a business woman and not into sales?

If he or she is not born an entrepreneur, is your child destined to be the workhorse of the entrepreneurs and business people?

Here’s A Better Option For Your Child

If your son or daughter is not inclined to do business, kaya ba ng puso mo to see…

… your son pagod na pagod working 8 hours in an office?
… your son pawis na pawis na nakikipag siksikan sa MRT everyday?
… your daughter looking losyang while trapped in an FX during daily commute?
… your son disappointed with the slow pace of his career?
… your daughter na kinakapos to make ends meet with the basic salary that she is receiving?
… your daughter not getting enough rest kasi she is working even on weekends on her sidelines to earn more?
… your son always going home late kasi sobrang traffic sa EDSA?
… y our son na hindi mo na madalas nakikita dahil he has overtime parati?
… your son getting sick with worry and stress due to office work?
… your son madalas manghiram pa sayo with the promise na babayaran ka sa payday?
… your daughter forced to go abroad to be able to help support the family?
… your son na matapos mong pag-aralin sa magandang school ay uutusan lang mag Xerox at maging clerk sa opisina? Or magpuyat at tumanggap ng mga reklamo ng mga customers sa call center?

Or would you rather see your son or daughter…

… Looking happy more often while enjoying the work she does best

… Building his online career with confidence without being involved in office politics

… Having a relaxed morning, sipping coffee with you, with no rush hour to worry about

… Eating nutrient-filled home-cooked meals and not ingesting vetsin-laden food from the cafeteria or fast food resto (Kasabay mo sya sa breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

… Receiving better earnings without having to deal with an insecure Boss (She offers doing and paying the groceries … kasi she has extra money na!)

… Feeling safe while working right in the comfort of your home or condo than commuting from graveyard shift (Dati you stayed up late and worried. Hindi ka makatulog hanggat di sya dumarating)

… Enjoying more savings since he does not have transportation costs, food budget, wardrobe allowance, or labas ng barkada (Mas madalas mo na syang nakikita sa bahay)

… Enjoying job security by not depending on one organization as his source of income (Nakakapag-abot na rin sya sayo kasi marami syang extra!)

… Earning while w.o.r.k.i.n.g at home without the need to become an OFW (Mas panatag ang loob mo kesa sa abroad na baka mapaano sya)

… Naging mas malapit sa pamilya since he is always at home (with you kaya laging may kasama ka!)

Here’s What You Can Do For Your Children

If you like what you are reading for your son or daughter, you can do 3 things for them:

1. 1. If your son or daughter is already working here in the Philippines or abroad, forward this email to him or her.

2. 2. If your son or daughter is already an adult (studying in college) and walang pinag kakaabalahan ngayong summer, sign her/him up in the Virtual Career Summit and Seminar.

Make your daughter’s or son’s summer vacation very memorable. Sa August pa ang pasukan so give something productive to work on. Give them an introduction to the adult world by signing them up for Virtual Career Summit and Seminar.

Help them be ahead of their peers. Open their eyes to a different work opportunity. Convince them na di nila dapat gayahin ang Papa or Mama or Tito nila na naging OFW para kumita ng malaki. There’s a better way to earn in dollars.

Kapag nalaman ng anak mo about e.a.r.n.i.n.g in dollars while w.o.r.k.i.n.g from home, baka tamarin na syang magtapos ng pag aaral?

You don’t have to be afraid if you instilled the lesson na mag-aral mabuti at magtapos ng pag aaral.

Once they graduate, they can revisit what they learned when they attended the event. At least ready na sila, ‘di ba?

3. 3. If your son or daughter is still young (as in toddler or in high school palang), be a great role model for them.

If they ask you kung ano ang ginagawa mo, gently explain to them that you are still learning kahit tapos ka na mag-school.

Gently explain to them that you are exercising your brain.

Go ahead and attend the event entitled Virtual Career Summit and Seminar. REMEMBER: You are doing this for yourself and for your children.

You are doing this for yourself: So you will see possibilities for you and know that there are opportunities for you at hindi mo kailangan magsakripisyo sa trabaho mo, magtiis sa traffic araw-araw at mawalay sa mga anak mo every time papasok ka sa opis.

You are doing this fo r children: So you will be able to send them to good schools, mabili mo ang mga laruan na gusto nila at magawa nila yung mga bagay na hindi mo naranasan noong bata ka pa.

Help your children design a better future for themselves.

Hindi pa huli ang lahat.