You sure you don’t love your family more…?

Hi Friend,

Jasmine here.

While relaxing in our banig, watching the sky, I playfully asked my pamangkin, “How much do you love Ninang?”

He replied, “Oh, as high as the blue sky!”

Yes, he is my inaanak and he is 7 years old.

And he is part of my daily schedule… I set aside playtimes with my pamangkin

Playtime scenario is this:
We are in a vacant space, which is actually a garage.

We make latag our banig and just lay there, arms behind our necks, stretched and relaxed, feeling the soft cool breeze, hearing the soft rustle of green leaves, simply watching the blue sky.

We have these daily playtimes (during daytime) because I work from home .

Don’t you want to have the same?

Well, you can have the same… but you only have less than 24 hours to decide!

Is It A YES or No for you?

Due to your insistent requests, Jomar has decided to come out and upgrade his signature course for Virtual Professionals.

The last time he did this course was in 2013, so I cannot promise when will be the next one.

The Virtual Careers Summit and Seminar is THE SEMINAR that gave Ana Olar, Lyn Nafarrete, Nolan Lazaro, Sweet Reyes and a thousand more graduates new life and better relationships with their loved ones.

A Personal Invitation

In behalf of my team and our Virtual Professional Speakers and Guests, this is our personal invitation for you.

For us, every NO adds to the count of unconnected families (READ: Families na hiwalay-hiwalay kasi OFW the parents or parents are here but they seldom talk with their children kasi pagod na sila sa work at commute!)

Your No will make my team veeerryyy sad.

More than the life transforming 2-day event, we have spent sleepless nights of assembling the following valuable F.R.E.E GIFTS, and we have YOU in mind… including your loved ones:

Is It Still A No To These 2 MARVELOUS EXTRA F.R.E.E Gifts?

If you are serious about becoming a highly-paid professional, you should make sure you are up to it … and there is a short cut!

Jomar added these 2 MARVELOUS EXTRA F.R.E.E Gifts that will take you 2 giant leaps ahead of your competition.

Have these in your possession and your i.n.come can skyrocket:
(How I wish we had these when I took the VA Seminar!)
> A Categorized and tested list of apps for your specific virtual career
> Get access to resources curated and downloaded by Jomar himself

Aren’t you drowning in information? Don’t you wish that you have with you the MUST use apps that have been tested? This Marvelous Extra F.r.e.e Gift alone will simplify your life, yes?

The total value of these F.R.E.E Gifts + EXTRA FREE Gifts + MARVELOUS EXTRA F.R.E.E Gifts alon e exceed the P11,075 that you will pay for just 1 seat to the live seminar.

You will get all of these if you decide to say YES to our invitation … BUT you got to say YES in less than 24 hours or ALL THESE

F.R.E.E GIFTS will disappear!

But before I leave, I ask you this one question: How much do you love your family?

#LoveLoveLove My Family and Sunshine