As Quantum Computing Approaches, A Light Appears. QRL Tokens are HERE!

We are delighted to announce that 2.5 weeks after the close of our early crowdsale we have released ERC20 Tokens to our contributors. ERC20 tokens are a custom token that runs on the Ethereum network. While, the Quantum Resistant Ledger will be a separate protocol, we felt it would benefit the users of QRL to have an interim token.

52 Million token were sold with 13 Million tokens held back by the foundation and developers. The approximate price per token was .08 cents in USD at the presale, raising 4.16 Million dollars in cryptocurrency at the close of the early crowdsale. Approximately 85% of our 600+ participants requested ERC20 Tokens.

QRL Custom Token Info

To access your QRL Tokens you will need to set up a Custom Token Address. MyEtherWallet has been very helpful in making the process easy for our users and adding us into their system.

Name/symbol = QRL
Contract address = 0x697beac28B09E122C4332D163985e8a73121b97F
Decimals = 8

We announced the listing on the Bitttrex exchange via Twitter, Slack, Reddit, Medium and email. An auto-invitation to the slack can be found by following the link.

We have a very vibrant community on slack and look forward to our continued growth. The slack is a great portal for discussing the future of the QRL, hearing the newest updates real-time, working with the development and business team and just having a good time. The threat of quantum computing is real, but we are making sure the journey to security is a fruitful and enjoyable one.

A quick note: A list of the QRL ERC20 tokens to be sent in the contract deployment was compiled on June 4th. Any requests for token distribution from other crowdsale participants not in the initial deployment will need to be processed manually. Please contact us directly with your information. Manually distribution will require 24–48 hours for processing. We appreciate your patience. We are also working to increase visibility on Etherscan over the next few working days.

In other news: We have some exciting team development to be announced soon. Please continue to watch this space for developing news. We are very excited about our roadmap, the community and the future of the Quantum Resistant Ledger as the first public blockchain that is secured against quantum computing.

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