Hiring: Blockchain Developers (Salary and Remote Work Negotiable)

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is a high security, resilient and long-term stability blockchain option for individuals, organizations and institutions engaged in transparent peer-peer transactions. It is a future proof vault for digital assets of value. www.theqrl.org. The immediate roadmap of the network provides post-quantum end-end encrypted messaging and data channels, digital identification, proof of ownership and governance secured with Proof of Stake and a feasibility study of implementing smart contracts.

We are seeking strong team members in the development of Blockchain tools and application software, with a focus on improving the security of Blockchain technology. We expect to be a leader in cyber security today and into the future. We are expanding our team of cryptographers, programmers, economists, thought leaders, researchers and developers who create and apply tools and techniques for building secure applications. We are looking for top candidates to help us continue the establishment of ground-breaking improvements for securing the blockchain.

Software has never been more important to our lives and our security, nor has software insecurity ever been a greater risk. With quantum computing having a high probability of viability in the next 5-10 years, it is necessary to start building appropriate infrastructure.

Joining the QRL team, you will reduce vulnerabilities resulting from architecture, design and coding errors before they are deployed. You will identify common errors that lead to software vulnerabilities, establish standard secure coding standards and build tools to improve the development process, educate potential users, and advance the state of the practice for building a secure ledger of transactions and store of value.

The successful candidate will participate in research, development and engineering projects that identify and implement best practices for the Quantum Resistant Ledger. The candidate will work directly with the QRL community to apply Blockchain languages and tools, develop and provide training in secure coding practices; evaluate, extend, and use tools to improve and automate source code analysis; review code bases to ensure that best practices are being followed; and enhance the organizational capabilities to produce secure software systems. The candidate will be expected to develop tools and applications, write reports and deliver presentations that explain the findings of research and software evaluations, helping the network improve the software to meet the security and privacy needs of their users.

Who you are:

  • You are interested in the long-term viability and use of blockchain technology
  • You love to build blockchain networks, apps, create solutions and interact with other developers around decentralized technology that empowers individuals, organizations and institutions
  • You are involved in online developer community groups
  • You have a strong software developer background, write code and share what you know
  • You enjoy discussing and learning about a broad range of developer technologies and communities and can display relevant deep subject matter expertise
  • You have a passion for technological excellence, high level of curiosity and a willingness to integrate the expertise, experience and directions of others.
  • You have a genuine interest in solving technical problems using network and cognitive computing technologies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Commit/review/fix code for The Quantum Resistant Ledger
  • Create and Maintain Open-source codebase protocol
  • Implement best practices for development of the Quantum Resistant Ledger Codebase
  • Be the go-to expert for the Quantum Resistant Ledger architecture
  • Develop first class developer scenarios and demo apps, collateral, and training material to demonstrate value and build excitement.
  • Engage with community to encourage input and convey progress
  • Develop applications tools in or for the Quantum Resistant Ledger
  • Develop and configure various software build environments, and build custom tools to integrate and automate the use of software building and analysis tools
  • Develop and analyze source code in common programming languages such as Go, C, C#, C++, Java, and Python, with a focus on secure coding principles and practices
  • Provide optimization and key network indicators for the Peer to Peer Network
  • Use static and dynamic analysis tools to evaluate software to find and remove vulnerabilities
  • Analyze data from multiple sources, generate defensible results, and represent them in reporting products and interactions with customers, sponsors, and the public
  • Contribute in a global team environment with team members with varying skills, experience and locations
  • Research, Write and Present clear reports


  • Must have hands on experience with various aspects of software development: data, server side, UI, and open source software.
  • Must have experience with Linux, GoLang, Open source, C++ or Java, client server apps
  • Knowledge about Blockchain technologies preferred
  • Proof of Experience in the form of Github. StackOverflow, or some other verified development forum
  • Strong references who can demonstrate connection to the Job Requirements

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