A technical flaw would be something like a vulnerability in the cryptography used by Bitcoin or some security vulnerability in the consensus code that could be exploited. A cryptographic vulnerability (such as a clever attack against the particular elliptical curve used in Bitcoin) would naturally extend to a lot of other coins as many use the same exact same crypto libraries. A security vulnerability would again naturally extend to a lot of other coins as many use a lot of the same code.
Why Bitcoin is Different than other Cryptocurrencies
Jimmy Song

I definitely enjoyed the article. This is a very well reasoned sentiment that does not suggest other alternate coins can rise to dominance, but presents a logical flow of decision making that provides Bitcoin with a strong first to market advantage.

I would like to note that the argument about technical flaws is one of the foundational arguments behind the Quantum Resistant Ledger. One if it’s core functions is a hedge against the common elliptic curve crypotography and quantum computing vulnerable design amongst the “altcoins”. While, QRL has an extensive roadmap, we recognize our strongest and most unique value proposition, at this moment, is this facet.

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