Joanne McNeil

The Apple Watch is a Watch.

And it doesn’t fit anyone. Not even Jony Ive.

Steve Jobs used to introduce new Apple products by comparing them to objects similar in…

Data Profiles and All The Princes Undercover

Once an absurd TV trope, this experience is now relatable.

Postcards from the Futch

Nothing looks like the past like talking about “the future” of the internet.

Who Sexts Thumbprints?

Jamie and Eliza’s quantified love is too physical for the network.

Designers seem to believe that in the future we will be falling in love with…

Canned Email

Let’s pretend the answer to email fatigue is more automation.

I feel more acutely aware of the strain of feigned enthusiasm when I am writing email…

The Internet is Real

Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road trial, and the quasi-fictions of internet culture.

Block by Block

Learning to love the block button. Learning to love being blocked.

Let me begin by saying this: if you follow me on Twitter, please unfollow me if you wish to…

Clothing as SOS

The challenges of building wearables for personal safety without burdening a victim.

Harassed by Algorithms

A user recommended as “similar to you” might be dangerous.

Several years ago, long before Spotify, I regularly listened to music through I would visit the website frequently to learn about upcoming concerts and the “related artists” of musicians I liked. The website introduced a feature that lets you find people with similar taste in music…

Only Holograms Left Alive

A hologram ghost is among the top 10 grossing touring artists of all time.

My Google alert for “holograms” has, for most of this year, been taken…