How Alcohol Holds Us Back
Adam Zook

It’s day 26 of my personal no alcohol challenge and it’s been, well…a challenge. One that I did not anticipate. I decided to live substance free for one month for many of the benefits you outlined. I feel like I’ve been using drinking as a distraction from my goals for a long time. After years of writing down the same dreams and failing to achieve them I felt it was time to eliminate, at least temporarily, the things that I spend lots of time and money on but aren’t moving me forward. The first week was great. I felt clearer headed and more energetic. I also realized how often and automatically I drink: after work drinks, hanging around the house cocktails, even at work events where beer is provided. However as the weeks have progressed the full impact of my lifestyle changes has started to have a greater effect on me. I feel a divide growing between me and my friends. I simply do not have the interest or patience to do some things that I was once really into once drinking has been taken out of the equation (watching netflix at a friend’s house, lounging all day in the park or hours long boozy brunches). I’ve also had more time to think and the thoughts are louder, clearer and sometimes not all that great. Who knows whether I’ll have the willpower to keep this up after the 31st but I do know that going without has allowed me to gain a lot.