How Can Go Go Mojo Coaching Help You?

Jo Morrison
May 21, 2019 · 5 min read

Find your career superpower. I can help you create your life and business intentionally.

How did I get here?

When Sheryl Sandburg said “Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder” it resonated with me.

After training as a journalist, being an EA and Project Manager, I created a role where I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and people working on their dreams.

We’d teach them to pitch their story, their business and how to get investment.

Publicly they’d go out confidently with their ideas, but I soon learned to recognise the private struggle of many.

So many business ideas, they were never all going to succeed, but the founders behind them learned so much during their time at INCUBATE ( What founders told us they valued most was the access to mentors, coaching and support.

INCUBATE was a leader, as startup programs were not mainstream at University in 2012.

Creating INCUBATE — A University Program for Founders

I’d been working at the student union at Sydney Uni for about 5 years when a program to support founders at university was proposed by two students. I had no idea the opportunity that was coming my way.

One of those students, James Alexander, soon became my colleague as the Program Manager. He was a creative, determined co-worker, with a big vision. He’s one of the most driven people I’ve ever met and loves his work supporting and investing in founders and startups.

We were creating, inventing, modifying and pivoting as we went. We were negotiating funding, sponsorship and creating systems and processes to manage the founders and teams in the program. It was challenging and creative work.

My Career Journey

I’m Gen X, I’d graduated in 2000 and decided I was going to be a print newspaper journalist! My Australian career diverted me away from media, I could see print journalism was going to struggle while it morphed for its future. So I headed off into banking, finance, consulting and projects.

I had four different roles at USU, two of which I identified as an opportunity and created for myself. As the team grew, I progressed to Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs. I created and pitched this role to the CEO.

Impostor Syndrome

A number of things happened that drove me to simply stop being afraid of failing. We are all just doing the best we can but is real for so many of us.

I wasn’t a startup specialist (if there even is such a thing!) and often felt out of place surrounded by people creating startups involving biochemistry, physics, geology, medicine — things I know little about.

Mapping My Skill Set

I discovered that what I brought to the program was my unique skill set in a tech dominated industry;

  • my ability to read and manage people and tricky situations
  • A lens of life lived in different countries
  • An insatiable appetite to know why and what makes people tick
  • Open to ideas and solving problems
  • A love of gathering stories, information and reading
  • Smart, empathetic and kind
  • Confident but generally have my ego in check
  • Negotiation and troubleshooting
  • Legendary organisational skills

My superpower is asking the right questions to get the best out of people.

The excitement was building around startups in 2014 . I was part of TEDxSydney in the Opera House talking bio-tech, startups and entrepreneurship.


is a partnership between the University of Sydney Union and The University of Sydney. The program has supported 100+ startups, won multiple awards and continues to grow.

Myself (centre left) and the team celebrating INCUBATE’s 5th Birthday — five years of supporting startups on campus

It is as important to know when to leave as when to start.

In 2018 I left INCUBATE having appointed a new Director, Ash Wallington, who was ready to develop it to the next stage with James.

Catching up with James and visiting the new space

I’d spent five years nurturing INCUBATE from its infancy as a startup, we worked out of a 1-window basement. The program was about to move into an amazing purpose-built, light-filled startup hub and be very visibly recognised for the support it provided to The University of Sydney community.

Moving On

I was squirmy, it was time for a personal change. I recognised the need for a fresh leader and to find a new opportunity for myself.

Go West

So I moved to Perth for…. love! (and an opportunity as an Innovation Coach with one of WA’s biggest brands).

I lived in relaxed Freo for a year, a massive change after 15 years of Sydney City living. Recently we’ve made a sea change to a small coastal town. My partner is professional beer brewer and I’m a Coach. Living the dream — our dream.

It is beautiful and amazing and I am grateful every single day for the journey that brought me here, but I did it — me.

The Power of a Journal

For six years I have written in a journal making seemingly audacious statements about my future; goals, lists, plans and dreams. Everything has come from my ability to see clearly what I really want, having a vision, accepting support and taking action -both conscious and sub conscious -towards my goal, every single day.

I think we can be both practical and visionary

How I Coach

I use my intuition, startup knowledge, innovation and business experience to help you build your business, get that promotion or pay rise or find a new job or career path.

I help you to create your career intentionally.

There is nothing better than seeing how far your vision and action has taken you, but first you’ve got to start

My clients are . We can connect from everywhere. I’d love to with you, simply book a free intro call and let’s work out how I can help you.


What’s your dream?
Jo Morrison

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Go Go Mojo Coaching helps you navigate your career or launch your business 🚀 Support ▹Ideas ▹ Success 🏆

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