This is my face in front of a poster series plastered all over Christchurch’s inner city. The series, called MySpace(creative), is a year-long feature of Christchurch’s incredible undercover artists and creative types. My role as coordinator was to find and contact each of the artists and ask them to contribute what creativity meant to them, along with images of the space they create in.

Most of our posts are on instagram our facebook, but 5 artists were featured as a poster run in conjunction with Phantom Billstickers, and there is nothing more exciting than seeing this project that I’ve spent so much time and energy on plastered all over the walls of the inner city!

The project is significant. Promotion in the art world is usually biased or leans heavily on the same group of ‘successful’ artists, but this project covers everything from people who paint in their kitchens to people who run beautiful customised workspaces specifically for the arts. And each is worthy of attention.

What I’ve come to realise today is that my life is worthy of attention too. It is worthy of the energy and investment of time, of finances, of thoughtfulness and deliberate effort.

To create an artwork or a song that has impact requires intentionality, and I want my life to have the maximum amount of impact, whether it’s through interactions or through what I produce.

So I’m bring out my pens and paper, drafting and re-drafting my ideas, and making time to figure out what the special significance of my life is.

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