Some Simple Tips to Help Your User Experience Research.

Isometric illustration of an abstract architectural space
Isometric illustration of an abstract architectural space

Within user-experience design, research plays a vital role. You need research to understand your target audience, provide guidance for your design decisions, and most importantly, ensure you are solving the right problem in the first place. The form your research takes will depend on your time-frame, your resources, and the problem that you are working on. Online surveys can be an inexpensive and quick way to get quantitative data to supplement more qualitative insights or validate certain assumptions. But too often surveys fail to receive enough responses to be valid, leaving many to throw up their hands and abandon the…

In recent years, cultural tourism — tourism that seeks to learn, discover, experience and consume the tangible and intangible cultural aspects of a destination — has become a significant driver of tourism overall. According to a 2018 UNWTO report, cultural tourism is estimated to account for 39% of all international tourism.

With this increase in consumption has come increasing awareness of the need for sustainable tourism and a growing appreciation for less well-known tourist destinations and their cultures. …

Imagine you are tasked with setting up a film shoot. You’ll need camera operators, lighting personnel, catering, etc. Adding to the complexity, none of those people work exclusively for you — they’re all freelancers, and if they happen to be busy, you’ll need to find someone else.

No worries, you think, I’ll just send out invitations to the 100 or so staff that I need, track their responses and follow up with them. You’ll send out email updates to give them more information as it comes and use lists or spreadsheets to keep on top of the status of the…

In 2018, the construction industry in the US spent an estimated $31.3B on rework due to poor data and miscommunication. Despite the high costs associated with rework, adoption of digital tools within construction and trades still has a long way to go, with only 18% of companies consistently using mobile apps to access project data and collaborate with stakeholders, according to a 599-person survey conducted by PlanGrid and FMI.

While larger organizations may adopt tools but fail to utilize them, among small to medium sized businesses the tools are simply not in place. …

The Distillery District is a commercial and residential district in Toronto well-known for its annual Christmas Market and its Victorian-era industrial architecture.

In recent years, changing consumer preferences for online shopping have put pressure on local businesses without an e-commerce presence. As a business improvement area with many small local shops, the Distillery District is particularly sensitive to these trends.

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Project Scope

Website Redesign for the Distillery District

My Role

UX Researcher

Project Timeline

2 weeks (Oct. 2019)

The Challenge

We wanted to design a website for the Distillery District that would encourage people to visit the District more frequently and spend more on local businesses. The first…

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Designer and illustrator. Illustrations, comics, UX.

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