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Why I don’t Hate New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever made fun of “resolutioners” or New Years Resolutions? Maybe you’ve said things like: “They don’t work”, or “everyone is going to quit in 2 months anyway”.

Maybe you get annoyed at the increase in traffic at the local gym. Let’s take that perspective and flip it on its head. What’s more inconvenient? Sharing space at the gym, or paying extra tax dollars to help prop up an overburdened health care system? One deals with instant gratification, while the other looks at it from a long term perspective.

What can we learn from the fact that people make New Year’s resolutions? People want to change their health! So why do resolutions fail? We always want to blame the person. They’re weak, no willpower, losers …

I saw a headline on a magazine “lose 10lbs in 48 hours so you can start the new year slim”. Lose 10lbs of what? What do you do after 48 hours? Have the authors of this article discovered a way to short circuit human metabolism? (10lbs of fat contains roughly 35,000 calories!) No, but they are trying to exploit people’s vulnerability.

Resolutions fail because we set people up with absurd expectations.

That health is something you fix in 30 days or 3 months … Nothing could be further from the truth. Being healthy is not a temporary vacation from your normal lifestyle. Health is not obtained in one step or one giant leap.

Health begins with one step. But the only way it will be obtained, is to say yes, not just once, but daily.

Being healthy, it doesn’t come cheap. It’s going to cost you time and effort. Every single day. But what is the alternative?

If you don’t invest in your health today, you’re borrowing from your future. And if you borrow from future health, you pay it back with a ridiculously high interest rate. You’re not just paying money for increased healthcare cost, but with disease, illness, disability.

Every day, every action contributes to your future health or future sickness.

You want to make a resolution that actually works? Don’t make it about the outcome. Make it about the daily choices, behaviors and habits. I support the desire to change. Let’s just do it in the right mindset.

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