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50 Shades of #FAFAFA

A moderately inappropriate look at silly things designers do and don’t do

Jon Moore
Jon Moore
Nov 3, 2016 · 10 min read

Us designers take our work pretty seriously. This article does not.

This is a motivational poster that only I can read.
Here’s a UI I made using Lato Thin.

It was the best of times, it was the wrost of times.

19. You know that one screen that has a button label misaligned? The one that your design team pointed out immediately in your design review? Yeah…that one. That’s the one marketing will put on the website 😑

I can’t tell if this is terrible or great. That’s probably a sign you shouldn’t use it.
I downloaded this font just to make this image. I swear.

“You should see what I REALLY wanted to do before [PM/dev/the client] told me to change it. They were next level and they just didn’t get it!”

I’ve never won this game, so help me out if you have any tips.

We all experimented with this when we were younger. It’s cool. #YOLO. Note: They’re still an appropriate solution for responsive websites.

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