First of all, I love your articles, Jon.
Bruno Abatti

Hey Bruno!

I 100% agree, and this guide is not meant to discredit design. The idea behind this guide is that you do all of this stuff in the beginning so you can spend MORE time on the actual designs. This totally isn’t the whole design process. All of that starts in steps 5 & 6…both of which are pretty open-ended for the designer(s) to figure out on their own 😁 That’s the fun part, after all…the designing!

To compare it to cooking, this is just helping people set up their kitchen and prep their ingredients. Once those are ready, then the cooking can begin 👌🏼

These are all just shortcuts and efficiencies to help designers out along the way. I’ve personally never taken a font pairing directly from FontPair; but it’s helped me get started. From there, I’ll usually toy around in my design file until I settle on some nice type.

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