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I think the Iron Fist would have been better if it was made into a comedy. For example, Danny Rand should have had a Engrish and Cantonese* nickname like Casper and Bak Pei Gwai, respectively. Also the title of the show “Iron Fist” should have been titled “Yellow Fist” since the color of the Iron Fist is yellow and the cause of the Yellow Fist is a mutated strain of the “Yellow Fever” virus that not only gives him his “Yellow Fist” power but also unusually interest into Asian Culture. Also they could have does subtle marketing ties like ordering chinese take out from Panda Express and dining in a PF Chang.

*Cantonese name would be funnier than a Mandarin name since American based production don’t really care for the distinction of the dialects. Also I speak Cantonese and too lazy to come up with the Mandarin equivalent.

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