Devil’s advocate….

I’ll play Yellow Devil’s advocate to your White Devil’s advocate response (I’m assumeing you are a casper). It is NOT racist for a casper to be a Kung Fu expert. You see the technically the term Kung fu does not directly translate to Chinese Martial arts, it just mean to “achievement through great effort” (aka hard work). The correct terms is Wushu (Mandarin translation). So even though Danny Rand is LMF (Lazy Mo Fo) millenial and a casper, it is possible for hm to be a Kung Fu Master*.

*Also that’s why it’s completely appropriate for Pandas to be Kung Fu master. If it was not possible, then we couldn’t have not 1, not 2, but 3 classic animated films voiced by the great Jack Black. Alas it’s a shame that the great casper David Carradine past away so early, he would have made a great addition to both Kung Panda series and Iron Fist. Well at least he’s an actual Casper now.

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