Democratic Angle — ‘Do something’

Shortly after the San Bernadino shooting gun control was a hot topic especially for the ostensibly progressive Democratic frontrunners. The phrase ‘do something’ became a common utterance within debates/TV spots/Twitter posts etc etc.

One of the most common talking points was the fact that people on so called ‘no-fly lists’ were able to purchase firearms and why this was the case, and there was a great deal of legal weight exerted upon these lists as an indicator to the risk a person posed to national security.

It’s worth noting that the government often doesn’t have any proof of wrong-doing when individual(s) are added to such lists, due process and proper legal methods are of little consequence to those that fall prey to this particular type of profiling.

Using a method that targets mostly Arabic/Muslim people is not at all intelligent, and the effect is disparate and unconstitutional. I urge every to back more intense background checks for ALL when it comes to gun ownership, mental health to me is a much more concerning aspect of someone’s suitability to own a weapon than their country of origin or faith.

White domestic terrorism is an arguably equal threat to our safety alongside lone wolves and co-ordinated attacks from extremist groups, it’s time to stop ignoring the signs and start taking the mental health concerns of our people seriously. The mental wellbeing of the Planned Parenthood shooter is suspect, young adults who’ve opened fire at schools and colleges in recent months often have been reported by their parents and promptly ignored by law enforcement and the public sector at large.

While I don’t think an American populous that’s armed to the teeth is necessarily a safer one, it’s irritating to me that by and large mass shootings are occurring within ‘no-gun zones’, and I personally fail to understand what such an area is meant to be achieving other than painting targets on the vulnerable parties within. If I were an American citizen I would personally strive to obtain a concealed carry license so that if I’m faced with a situation where I am in the position to potentially save even just one life that I would be able to do so. I’m well aware that it’s unwise to chase such scenarios and often it’s just better to leave the scene entirely and rely on law enforcement. I’m well aware that carrying a hidden weapon does not make me Rambo or Seagal, that I would most likely be terrified and impulsive, but I think that allowing individuals to with the urge to protect their fellow citizens, who possess the temperament and the training is an important tool in the fight against future atrocities.

Thanks much for your time, I understand I’m a little late in expressing myself in this particular issue but I felt like I needed to get it out none the less. Constructive criticism on my writing is appreciated and I would value any likes and recommendations if you find value and insight in this article.

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