Immerse Creator UI/UX Overhaul: Post 4

Jon Brouchoud
Jan 8, 2018 · 2 min read
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As we continue working through restructuring our underlying repository structure for Immerse, we’ve decided to hold off on testing and prototyping UI implementation concepts.

In the meantime, we’ve continued thinking through the ‘first minute’ experience, we’re ranging beyond Immerse Creator, and thinking more about how the design decisions we’re making might be integrated at a deeper level in our base Immerse platform — with the goal of achieving visual consistency across all of Arch Virtual’s projects.

2D and VR version for an entry point:

  • In app is a module?
  • Trade show, or operator driven
  • Solve VR on show floor
  • Standalone input module for mouse input
  • Mouse pointer input in scene or not
  • Makes sense for birds eyes view — if that scope was needed
  • Additional Render Camera for this view?
  • Learning Module
  • Setup in 2D for VR

Operator — 2D, What things will immerse include

  • Different levels of detail —
  • Event issues — workaround already in place
  • For this workaround all inputs in 2D goes into VR space.
  • Reset Location
  • Teleport
  • VR Asymmetrical View


What have we done with immerse and what we would like to do.

Intro experience

  • Wow factor that is not tied to medical, architecture, etc
  • Simple stuff for now — version 1.
  • Icons under logo
  • Intro sequence (Client Logo, Archvirtual, Immerse Creator, [Immerse stand alone])
  • Maybe Immerse is something that’s firing up.. Getting ready to support you.. It’s powering up..

Immerse Tutorial Module / Framework

(touch intro?, in envision?, arch virtual HQ?)

  • Different sub components (Touch, Teleport, etc)
  • Tutorial Event
  • Probably doesn’t need networking
  • Content entry when a new feature is activated
  • Start-Process-Exit, like a state machine
  • Expose access to go back to tutorials/ turn off tutorials
  • Journal, Question Mark (Goes away when tutorials are turned off)
  • Question Mark Arrow when tutorials are on
  • Video Clip, Audio Clip, Web source data for updates
  • Youtube channel,
  • Interact Tutorial
  • Call appropriate hardware’s video

What high level ideas do we need to talk about with the first minute

  • Are there different types (Architectural vs medical, vs product)

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