Colorado Bounty Network

Boulder Startup Week ‘18 Launch

Crypto and blockchain tend to be difficult for the average person to understand. Much of that has to do with the fact that things in the space are moving fast, but another factor is that there aren’t very many real-world opportunities to engage with the technology. For most people their struggle to understand it boils down to “it’s not real.”

On the growth curve that leads to mass adoption, blockchain is just getting started. A factor that can aid in that growth is tangible consumer application. The average person doesn’t care what tech is in their phone- they care about what it does and how it improves their lives. It’s no different with blockchain. If the tech doesn’t allow the user to do something previously impossible, the average bear ain’t care. What’s interesting about blockchain are the applications of the technology that enables a something better.

ERC20 Colorado Coin

Project Technology

Colorado Bounties Network is a blockchain bounty network which uses the ERC20 Colorado Coin (COLO). Colorado Coin has only previously been distributed to the community during ETHDenver ’18. So much community effort went into creating the Colorado Coin, but a few key names to mention would be Kevin Owocki, Paul Foley, Coury Ditch, Swarasai, M Beacom, and Aditya Anand. The bounty network is the framework that will enable the community to utilize the token’s potential. was built by Bounties Network using their StandardBounties Protocol. The protocol is open source and enables anyone to create their own bounty network transacting in ETH or any other ERC 20 token. The environment runs on the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet and provides the framework for the Boulder Startup Week engagement. A ton of thanks goes to the Bounties Network team for their support on the project.

Boulder Startup Week ‘18- Colorado Coin Blockchain Engagement

Boulder Startup Week Engagement

This engagement is designed to create a real-world experience for Boulder Startup Week that allows users to engage with Ethereum in a way that gives them a positive learning experience with blockchain and helps them achieve their conference goals. We ran a bounty on Bounties Network for taking a research survey designed to understand conference attendants goals. The survey was completed by 18 respondents who were compensated .002 ETH for their time. The results guided the design of this engagement.

The engagement is designed to be a mobile-first, blockchain based experience that will enable people to earn COLO by submitting to bounties and spend COLO funding Personal Bounties. These bounties are real-world and primarily non-dev related.

Printed instruction cards guide new users through the process of downloading the Trust Wallet, getting some ETH for gas, and earning their first COLO by engaging in an Onboarding Bounty on the network. The network can also be accessed by using a MetaMask or any other web3 browser. Once the users earn some COLO from Onboarding and Community Bounties- they can post Personal bounties to the network funded with the COLO they’ve received.

Bounties has foundation level of bounties that enable anyone to engage and earn COLO. These initial Onboarding and Community Bounties will be proposed and approved by Colorado Blockchain community and funded with freshly minted COLO. These projects are the only injection point for newly minted COLO.

Onboarding Bounties are designed to familiarize new users with the dApp and complete their first bounties. They help the new user walk through the necessary steps to get set up on Colorado Bounties Network and earn their first COLO learning.

Examples of Onboarding Bounties

  1. Post a screenshot of your new mobile wallet icon
  2. Post a screenshot of your first posted bounty.

Community Bounties are projects that serve the interests of the community at large. These projects will be eventually be governed by some form of Colorado Coin DAO.

Examples of Community Bounties

  1. Wear a Blockchain T-shirt for an Hour during Boulder Startup Week
  2. Boulder Startup Week — Blockchain Venue Host during session
  3. Education in Colorado is currently a hot issue on both sides. Earn 1 COLO for watching these two videos from opposite sides and share one thing you learned about the opposite view than you hold. Post a screenshot of your social post with the Hashtag #letstalkeducation
  4. Design a new Colorado Blockchain logo
  5. Volunteer your time during “Ask an Expert” meetup- 1 COLO per session

Personal Bounties enable the user to post a bounty funded with their COLO of their design. The bounty network creates the framework for individuals to access collective talents and connections within the community but previously invisible and inaccessible to them.

Examples of Personal Bounties

  1. I’m looking for three marketing consultants to review my current website with me and provide 15 minutes of in person feedback.
  2. I want to meet with David Cohen for 10 min- 17 COLO
  3. I’m looking for someone who can make introductions to companies in the natural food space in Boulder. 1 COLO per meeting
  4. I’m looking for a technical Co-Founder. If you refer me to a candidate and we have a meeting- 3 COLO
  5. Take a picture of a dog poo bag left on the trail, dispose of said poo, post the pic to Insta with the hashtag #scenicspotforapoo, and post the link in your submission. 1 COLO


(Updated) Learn more and see bounties shared on Twitter by following @colobounties & @ethbounties.

The project is live at and you can read the step by step setup guide at

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the project in the comments!