Investing Journey — Update #6

I’ve embarked on an investing journey to see which non-traditional (a couple of traditional) options will give me the best bang for my buck during a 1-yr time span. With the rise of crowd-funded platforms and the passing of the JOBS act legislation, there are new opportunities to us that were limited to only accredited investors previously.

Without further ado, here are the updates:


  1. Nothing to report.


  1. Added $2,000 to my “Auto-Invest” portfolio (see below).


  1. Pending transaction to waves lite wallet.


  1. Invested $1,500 more into new investment vehicles.


  1. Nothing to report.

Robinhood — Stocks


*Snapshot of the two positions I hold*

SeedInvest — Startups

I’m excited to announce I was accepted into SeedInvest’s Auto invest program!

Here’s how it works:

First you must apply for access to participate in the program. Following your acceptance, deposit funds into your account (as depicted above). I’ve went ahead and deposited 2,000 from my bank account, which is still in the pending process (it takes about 5–10 business days to transfer).

When the funds are officially transferred I will be able to decide a default amount to which I can invest into each startup going forward. From what I gather, SeedInvest will send emails with Companies up for investment, and if I choose to invest in the Company I can simply click ahead and do so at my default amount.

The reasons for doing so is to speed up the process of investing (hence auto-investing), build a diversified portfolio easier than ever before, and enjoy investment minimums starting as low as $200 per startup, available only through SeedInvest Auto Invest.

**If you’re interested in learning about the companies I invested in, take a look below:

DSTLD — Disrupting the $200BN fast fashion market with fairly priced,

direct-to-consumer premium essentials.

Keen Home — Making the core systems of the home smarter, starting with the

world’s first smart home air vent.

HelloMD — Building the largest marketplace of cannabis consumers on the planet,

aka the “Amazon of Cannabis.”

ZRCoin — Commodity-backed Block-chain Option


“Waves lite” wallet

This is a snapshot taken from my “waves lite” wallet. Its a virtual currency wallet — similar to the one I have with Coinbase (see below). Waves is another type of currency, and the wallet can hold an array of other Cryptocurrencies (i.e bitcoin, litecoin, altcoins).

Because ZRcoin is considered as an altcoin, and one of the options was to accept the coin through “waves lite” wallet, I did so. There were other options the company offered as a means to accept their offering, however, creating a waves account seemed like the quickest and easiest to me.

As you can see in the picture, the transfer process seems to still be taking place (I thought the whole purpose of digital currencies was supposed to speed up the transferring process! — guess not yet)

If you’d like to know more about virtual currencies, feel free to reach out to me to chat.

Fundrise — Private (potential IPO) REIT


If you missed how it works, check out my first update

More great news from Fundrise (I highly recommend looking into setting up an account today). It appears they are always seeking add to their asset portfolio, improve their product, and make it easier for us, the investor to be able to invest in real-estate.

As part of the Fundrise 2.0 update, the Company has made it even easier for one to invest in its different assets. If you can remember from my first update, the “Growth” and “Income” eReits were unavailable, but as of a week ago, they’ve opened back up and I’ve sent a couple hundred to each of them.

ADDITIONALLY, they’ve introduced a few new investment vehicles including the Los Angeles eFund and Washington D.C. eFund. So me being me, I sent some more money their way :).

And the dividends continue; so far so good (I’ll let you know if I ever get paid during the July distribution)…

Coinbase — Bitcoin


*Snapshot of the three virtual currencies I own*

Thanks for reading!

Originally published at on June 28, 2017.