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I was excited to get my hands on Ryan Holiday’s new book, The Obstacle is the Way, because it focuses on a strategy that some of history’s great men and women used at critical moments in their lives.

This strategy, Holiday writes, can be adopted by anyone, just as it was in times of great adversity by ancient Greek orators, 17th Century writers, Union generals of the American Civil War, 20th Century astronauts and athletes, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs of the 21st. …

Last year I read 50 books. Some were fiction and some nonfiction; they ranged from 100 pages (Growth Hacker Marketing) to over 1500 pages (Les Miserables). It’s difficult to estimate the time it took but let’s say somewhere between 750 and 1000 hours. That’s roughly 1.5 hours every day for a whole year (usually more on weekends and holidays). I do read quickly, but factor in that I take pages and pages of notes per book.

Yes, reading so much in my spare time means saying no to other things:

I went out on fewer blind dates. I watched a lot less TV. After-work drinks became less frequent. I even had to be more frugal with my monthly fun allowance {50 books, even used ones, will cost a few hundred bucks}. But it was worth every every dollar, every hour, and every “No” from my perspective. Here’s…

The world loves Settlers of Catan. And so do I. In fact, I love it so much that I was gifted this:

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And this:

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Pretty awesome Settler Swag.

It’s basically my favorite board game, because it combines the best parts of Monopoly and Risk, except you can finish a full game in just one hour.

A few weeks ago, sipping on a Gin and Tonic from my glass, I fell into a reflective mood and started pondering the lessons I've learned about strategy. …


Jon Glat

I learn and write about people who are much more successful than myself in order to discover their life strategies. @Jon_Glat

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