Ideas for a Modernized, Transparent, Proof-of-Work Blockchain

Base: Latest Bitcoin Core implementation

SHA256 -> SHA3 universally (opcodes included)

Corrected Merkle Tree Implementation:

LWMA1 Difficulty Adjustment:

Block Header Improvements:
- Change `nVersion` to a `int16_t` bit sequence, saving 16 bits
- Remove `nBits` from block header, saving 32 bits (`uint32_t`)
- BIP34 active from Genesis / initial `nVersion` (with legacy-encoding patch applied:
- BIP34 height in coinbase `nLockTime` (instead of input script:
- 64 bit `nNonce`, adding 32 bits (less frequent recalculation of Merkle Root)

Opcode Improvements: - Remove `OP_SHA1` - Use 12 `OP_NOP`s: `OP_NOP0`-`OP_NOP11` - (Keep…

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