A better system for anyone who relentlessly highlights stuff on their Kindle, like me

or: it’s quite a bit more convenient if you can get them off the Kindle and into Evernote.

I’ve been using Kindle’s highlights function a ton. You know you can view your highlights online, right? It’s fairly useful.

That’s great, until you realise that:

  • That interface sucks, pretty badly. There’s no way to search across all your books.
  • It’ll only work if you’re highlighting in books you’ve bought from Amazon.

It’s a lot easier if you can get them into Evernote, instead

  1. Plug the Kindle into your computer
  2. Sign up to clippings.io. Connect it to your Evernote account using their API tool.
  3. Copy the My Clippings.txt file off your Kindle
  4. Upload the txt file to clippings.io
  5. Click to export to Evernote
  6. Enjoy the wonders of being able to search for highlights properly.

Bonus points!

  1. I’m always a bit sceptical about giving a service access to my Evernote account, when I’m not totally sure who’s behind it. So I created a new Evernote account (myname+evernote@gmail.com) and connected this with Clippings. Then, I was able to share the Notebook containing the highlights, with my regular Evernote account.
  2. It’s possible to set up an Automator workflow to automatically copy the My Clippings.txt file off your Kindle whenever you plug it into your computer.
  3. And it’s actually possible to circumvent clippings.io entirely if you want to use a local script to export into Evernote. I found this a bit flaky though, so I’m sticking with clippings.io for now, just because it’s simpler.

Happy highlighting!

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