NOTES: Chivers on Digital Literacy to the Common Core Revision team

“Digital literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create content using info tech..” @davidchivers via Cornell U


President & Publisher @DMRegister &@RegisterMedia. Regional President@Gannett. #DesMoines #Iowa native.


Don’t spend time on the mechanics of finding, using and sharing with digital natives.

Evaluating and creating needs to be taught. Discern between credible and non-credible sources. Understanding the role of marketing, and plagiarism vs. original work.


What is the best medium to communicate my message?

How does digital writing differ from other types of writing?

“Online video is explosive and evolving everyday.”

“In every business students need to be able to communicate clearly across digital platforms.”

“What is acceptable and grammatically correct is evolving everyday.”

MLA 8 is evolving to be more consistent with a style than what is correct.


Participating in wise, ethical and safe ways is crucially important. Who will be able to see what I post? Audience reaction… How would I feel if the head of my dream job or school see what I post? Am I proud of what I’m posting?

Personal Publishing Guidelines

Assume everyone will see what you publish… could it cause you or other harm? Do not publish inappropriate language. Do not publish something you didn’t create.


VR Story Telling

Lost Schools

Three Tickets Podcast Series


How do you get the word out to student publications and teachers… to shift or pivot?

Show examples of things that are working

Nobody is going to pay you to just write print articles. We have to produce lots of different content.

TEACHER: We are not talking about a five paragraph essay or a topic sentence.

We want people that can think.

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