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There is much to be said for one of the biggest interior trends of 2020 — luxury minimalism (luxury minimalist interior). It’s about conscious choices to create a ‘less is more’ ambience. You want understatement, tranquility and peace. It’s what luxury interior designer Alix Lawson calls ‘ conscious minimalism’. But how do you achieve it?

How do you manifest a luxury minimalist interior vibe?

Minimalist living is about taking a holistic approach to our surroundings. Be completely aware of the choices you have, and only go with those that truly nurture your soul. Simply eliminate those that don’t.

At its core, minimalism is about digging through the unnecessary and paring down our interiors until what’s left exudes a sense of peace. It’s about getting rid of anything that weighs us down and gets in the way of truly enjoying our space. …

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Technology such as AR, VR, sophisticated online design apps and programmes, 3D modelling and much more, allow interior designers to reach clients in a totally new way.

For multi-award-winning Dutch designer Joris Laarman, using emerging technology to create entirely new aesthetics sums up his entire career. He likens technology to magic, saying it’s “more magical than the magic in the books of Harry Potter.” Here’s how it’s changing everything we thought we knew about design and selling it to clients.

How technology is disrupting interior design

Designers can totally transform spaces, buildings, interiors and just about everything else using technology. But it’s not just about the design side. Consumers are also living in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). All of our habits and choices are transforming through technology, and aesthetic and design decisions are no different. …

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As we slowly emerge from lockdown, there is no ‘business as usual’ for the creative sector. In time we’ll go back to in-person client meetings and drinks after work, but for the short and medium term, businesses must re-focus and adapt to the new normal.

Flexible business models are essential to survive this crisis and thrive when it passes. Leaders must keep their company’s eyes on the essential business principles that have always fuelled them, and concentrate on building new systems, work practices and employee protection for the future. …


Jon Sharpe

https://www.jonsharpe.co.uk Interested in all things creative. Currently Chief Creative Officer at LuxDeco, a global luxury interiors ecommerce platform.

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