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Jonah Andersson

As a software developer I like continuous learning and to learn by doing. I love learning more about new modern technogies available. It is important to me to keep in track of the new developer technologies that are useful and interesting.

I personally think it is exciting to learn more about Microsoft Azure technologies. Of course, there are other big cloud providers in the market these days. However, Azure technologies suit me best as I do software development in Microsoft C# and in .NET / .NET Core. Currently, they are supporting more and more programming languages and integrations.

The Microsoft…

Thank you for sharing about my story @epicwomenintech

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. ” - B. B. King

The quote above has been my favorite since I was a kid. It is my quote of inspiration for continuous learning.

Learning and mastery takes time, patience and consistent practice. When you have focused devotion to learning, you reap the harvest of wisdom and deepened knowledge that nobody else can take away from you. It doesn’t mean that you can be greedy and keep that knowledge to yourself. …

Jonah Andersson

A Filipina-Swedish Software Engineer who codes full stack system development in C# .NET or NET Core and cloud development i Microsoft Azure.

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